Chickenfoot Lake
Eastern Sierra
July 1998

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CROSS1.jpg (12840 bytes)
A tough crossing.
CROSS2.jpg (17008 bytes)
Mr. Oberlin demonstrates to
a couple of Venture Crew
guys the proper way to cross
a stream.
CHKNFOOT.jpg (10335 bytes)
A view of Chickenfoot and
some T36 fishermen with
Morgan Pass in the
FISHING3.jpg (7800 bytes)
More T36 fishermen.
FISHING1.jpg (10389 bytes)
Some T36 guys getting ready
to catch the big one.
FISHING2.jpg (11430 bytes)
Can you tell what Hawk
likes to do in the Sierras?
(Did you guess fish?)

FISHDINR.jpg (11492 bytes)
What's left after a day of fishing.

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