Troop 36 is chartered by the Irvine Ranch. Troop 36 was "founded" in August, 1952. Irvine Ranch was the sponsor of the 1953 National Jamboree which was held in an area that is now known as Fashion Island. Jamboree Road used to connect the Troop 36 Clubhouse directly to the National Jamboree site.

A little background about the Irvine Ranch: Beginning in 1810, the bulk of what has become Orange County was carved into 21 vast cattle baronies from lands once controlled by the missions. All but one were granted during the twelve years between 1834 and 1846. In two separate grants, Don Jose Sepulveda was given the San Joaquin, better recognized today as the lower half of the Irvine Ranch. By 1837 this kingdom embraced nearly 50,000 acres! By the mid fifties, the ranch came to include the lands of a neighbor to the north (Teodosio Yorba) known then (and now) as the Lomas de Santiago - "the Hills of Saint James," which constitutes the northern half of the Irvine Ranch. The Irvine Ranch, as such, actually began as a sheep, not a cattle, ranch. Cattle were reintroduced around 1886. The Sepulveda Barony eventually came under the ownership of James Irvine and became known as the San Joaquin and/or The Irvine Ranch, or simply The Irvine!

The colors for Troop 36 are orange and black. The Troop 36 logo (a "hatted" individual seated upon a horse in the foreground of the setting sun) represents the early residents of this region - the Mexican vaqueros. The vaqueros played a key part in the history surrounding the Santa Ana Mountains.