Summer Camp at
Camp Loll
August 1998

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ARAPAHO.jpg (4717 bytes)
Our gateway

STV&SEAN.jpg (7043 bytes)
Steve & Sean, our
"Camp Buddies"

GROUP1.jpg (8945 bytes)
End of a great camp.
Thanks to Diane, Seth, Joshua,
Sean, Steve and all the
other camp staff!

CMPTRAIL.jpg (10034 bytes)
The view from our

CHAIR.jpg (9971 bytes)
Bears crushed Hawk's
chair.  And that's the
story he's sticking to!

GROUP2.jpg (9469 bytes)
After keepin 'em quiet for all the
pictures, the animals went nuts!

FLAG2.jpg (11000 bytes)
Matt and Steve performing
one sharp flag ceremony!

CLASS1.jpg (8384 bytes)
Nate, Max and Jon work
on a merit badge.

BIRTHDAY.jpg (6865 bytes)
Steve celebrates #16 with
some homemade dutch oven
birthday cake!
CLASS2.jpg (7731 bytes)
Eric, James, Simon and
Andrew hard at work.

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