Parents’ Meeting
April 14, 1998


Karen Bates

Randy Morford

Kim Morford

Don Berkheimer

Paul McBryan

Ellen Beaumont

Yoko Fujita

Allen Buchanan

Ken Stone

Bill Boles

Craig Oberlin

Mike Eberle

Traci Eberle

Susan VanVorhis-Key

Bette Bowen



The meeting was called to order at 7:10 p.m. by Chairman Bates, and the minutes of 2-10-98 were reviewed and approved.


Scoutmaster's Report - Randy Morford - Randy completed the T-36 roster and T-36 calendars from April to August 1998 (Handouts).

Randy advised the Barton Flats snow camp was cancelled, however, T-36 scouts went to Anza-Borrego State Park to camp on 3-28 & 3-29-98.

He announced the New Scout Overnighter at T-36 Scout House is this Friday Night, 4-17-98 and Saturday, 4-18-98. He indicated this will allow the scouts to prepare for San Mateo Beach/Camporee the following weekend, 4-24 to 4-26-98. The scouts will prepare their menus, make their patrol flags, practice their orienteering course, Totin'Chip training, etc. He advised shakedown for Camporee is Wednesday, 4-22-98. Randy indicated T-36 needed an Ax for Totin'Chip training. He asked Allen Buchanan if parents can attend the Camporee/OA "Call Out" on Saturday evening, 4-25-98. Allen reported parents are allowed to attend OA Call Out which will begin at dusk (approximately 7:30 p.m.). Paul McBryan announced the food fee for each scout is $5.00.

He reported there is a lot of advancements in T-36, merit badges are being done, and there are two scouts now pre-planning their Eagle projects.

He again encouraged the parents to sign up as merit badge counselors.

He advised the T-36 Librarian has done an inventory of the merit badge books and given him a list of books needed to complete the library. He indicated the Librarian has a card checkout system for scouts to check out MB books for a fee and when the book is returned the scout will be reimbursed. He advised T-36 needs to purchase new MB books to replace old/obsolete books.

He announced there is a National Rifle Association (NRA) certification class in October/November 1998, for those interested in becoming Rifle/Shotgun Merit Badge counselors.


Treasurer's Report - Don Berkheimer - Don announced Errol Matthieu did February/March's Treasurer's report. The financial statements and treasurer's report were approved.

Randy advised T-36 needs to apply for a Tax Exempt Filing ID number for a fee of $500.


Advancement Report - Karen Bates - Karen announced T-36's next Court of Honor is scheduled for Wednesday, 4-29-98. She will find out if a potluck is scheduled for this Court of Honor.


Chaplain's Report - Ken Stone - Ken explained his role as T-36's Chaplain. He will coordinate religious programs for scouts who want to attain their God and Country Awards by helping with requirements/credits and paperwork. He indicated their are four program categories/requirements a scout must do to achieve this award, i.e., individual, family, church leader or group. He advised every February during National Boy Scout Week, the Council recognizes these God and Country Awards. He indicated T-36 had 4 scouts achieve this award out of a total of 32 Orange County scouts. He advised he now has 3 scouts who are working on their awards.

He is now working with T-36's Chaplain Aide to enhance opening and closing prayers at meetings and how to prepare Scout's Own programs.


Facilities - Ken Stone - Ken reported he and Rick Ramsey will be working on the sprinkler system project as soon as the rainy season is over so they can dig a trench from the Scout House to the sprinkler auto controls. He advised the sprinkler system will then be more efficient.


Fund Raising - Yoko Fujita - Yoko reported she called Knowlwoods and they are sending a check. She asked for confirmation of which Lamppost Pizza location for the fund raiser scheduled for Tuesday, 4-28-98--it was decided to have it at 4200 Barranca Pkwy., Irvine location. She advised T-36 will make 50 percent of all sales.

She announced the Heritage Park Parking Lot Rummage Sale was tentatively scheduled for Saturday, 4-25-98. Karen indicated a flier needed to be given to scouts/parents in advance so they would have time to clean out garages, closets, drawers, etc., prior to the actual rummage sale date. Yoko advised she will make a flier and reschedule the rummage sale in May.

She asked about the location and date for the T-36 Car Wash, T-36 Christmas Tree Pre-sale in July, and T-36 soda sales at the Concert on the Green, Heritage Park, July 4th. Karen advised she will check with the SPL/PLC regarding these fund raisers.

Yoko announced the ScoutORama candy money is due Wednesday, 4-22-98.


Outdoor/Activities Report - Paul McBryan - Paul reported that due to cancelling the Barton Flats Snow Camp, they now have a $60.00 camp credit at Barton Flats and asked when T-36 would like to schedule a camp outing there. Randy advised Barton Flats will probably be booked solid during the summer and will table this topic until the May 10th Parent Meeting.

Paul asked what the departure time will be for Camporee on Friday p.m., 4-24-98. Randy advised no later than 6:00 p.m., therefore, the scouts/drivers should be at the Scout House at 5:30 p.m. He announced the Camporee Registration fee is $14.00 for each scout/adult attending, and a check can be written for this fee and given to Karen Bates along with the Camporee Permission Slip. However, Camporee food/gas fee per scout is $16.00 cash ($12 food/$4 gas). The Camporee fees are due Wednesday, 4-15-98.

Karen handed out special District Camporee Permission Slips to parents and asked that they be turned into her with the $14.00 Camporee Registration fee.

Karen reminded parents whose boys are going on campouts they need to schedule physical exams and Class II Medical Sheets filled out so T-36 has medical sheets on record for all scouts who go on T-36 campouts/activities. She indicated for scouts 14 years and older who go on high adventure outings, that they have a Class III Medical Sheet filled out. She advised that all scouts who are scheduled for summer camp will have their medical sheets checked to see if they need to have another exam/med. sheet filled out.

Karen also indicated a parent orientation will be conducted at this weekend's New Scout Overnighter.

Paul announced reservations have been made for the Colorado River/ Camp Moabe Family Camp which is scheduled for 5-29 to 5-31-98. Randy advised canoes are available, but need to be reserved in advance.

He reported reservations for Pt. Mugu for 6-19 to 6-21-98 have been made, and due to the base being a federal naval facility, they want forms to be filled out listing each attending scout/adult SS# and vehicles Lic.# entering their base a month in advance.

Randy announced there will be a High Sierra backpacking trip in July (7-24 to 7-16-98). He indicated the site may be Rock Creek, and T-36 will need to obtain a backpacking permit.

Paul reminded everyone he only reserved four (4) camp sites (8 to each site) for the scouts/adults at the Dana Point Campground, and if anyone is interested in attending, they must make their own reservations for this September campout (9-25 to 9-27-98).

Randy announced the California-Hawaii Elks Association will contribute $3000 each to four (4) Scouts from California and Hawaii to attend the International Jamboree in Santiago, Chili, December 1998. The selection will be based on the information on the application that is filled out in part by parent(s), scoutmaster, and a 150-word essay by the scout explaining why he would like to attend the International Jamboree. Forms are available for those who are interested.


Old Business

Karen announced the new T-36 t-shirts and hooded/zippered sweatshirts will be available for purchase before Camporee. The shirts are $10 and the sweatshirts are $25.


New Business

Randy advised the next Orange County Historical Programs Meeting is on Tuesday, 4-21-98, 1:30 p.m. at the Hall of Administration building located at Broadway and Santa Ana Blvd. in Santa Ana.

Karen indicated these meetings are scheduled on the third Tuesday each month and stressed the importance that Troop 36 be represented at these monthly meetings. She asked for volunteers that could accompany her at the 4-21-98 meeting. Allen Buchanan and Bette Bowen volunteered to attend the 4-21-98 meeting. She indicated all future meetings should also be represented and asked for volunteers for these meetings as well.

Karen reiterated the need for more T-36 volunteers. She advised the T-36 Service Hour Reports will go out next week. The following tasks need adult volunteers:

Update Car Books Camporee Contact Person
Parent Mtg. Phone Reminder Camporee Departure Coordinator
Popcorn Sales Coordinator Camporee Arrival Coordinator
July 4th Heritage Park Soda Greenery Sales Coordinator
Sales Coordinator



There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.