Parents’ Meeting
April 13, 1999


Pat Busch Randy Morford Kim Morford Bette Bowen
Matt Langer Chang Im Eric Peters Errol Mathieu
Karen Bates Sean Hendry Melody Vansuch Allan Price
Mike DeVaney Thomas Wray Bill Boles Beth Butsch
Liz Jewell Lynn Freimanis Ken Stone Yoko Fujito
James Clarke Tom Corbin Rick Ramsey Rich Lutz
Carla Buchanan Allen Buchanan Cyrenea Mehefko Rohini Anand



The meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m. The minutes from 3-9-99 were approved.



SPL Matt Langer reported this month's PLC meeting attendance was poor. He indicated the May Family Camp location is still undecided. He stated the departure time for this weekend's Pizgah campout is Saturday, 6:00 a.m. He advised the menus for Pizgah have been completed.

He indicated the Cave-In-The-Box is currently being renovated by Alan Rice and scouts. There is still a need for more scout volunteers to help with this project. They are installing hinges with pegs so they can assemble and disassemble it quickly. Also, holes will be drilled to allow better ventilation. They will see if the glow sticks will provide some lighting near the crawl openings.



Randy reported the recent Adult Meeting had low attendance also. He advised they discussed advancements and decided that no scouts will be denied any leadership positions to fulfill their advancement requirements.

He announced that Steve Morford's Eagle Court of Honor is scheduled for Saturday, 5-1-99, 3:00 p.m. at his Eagle project site located on the Irvine Ranch property (across the street from T-36 Scout House).

He advised the Pizgah shakedown is tomorrow night, 4-14-99. He reiterated the importance that the scouts need a helmet and two (2) flashlights and stressed that one of the flashlights be a small one.

He reminded everyone that ScoutORama is just three weeks away, and the Cave-In-The-Box needs to be completed as soon as possible. He asked for volunteer adults to contact Alan Rice so when he has scouts over at his residence working on the 'Box" that there is another adult present. He indicated two (2) scouts are needed at each scheduled work date/time and asked that scout/adult volunteers contact Matt Langer to schedule dates and times to get the "Box" completed before the 5-8-99 ScoutORama. He asked Matt to get a work schedule from Alan Rice so scouts/adults can be scheduled for those work dates/times.

Randy indicated he being the Scoutmaster he is not in charge of the T-36 outings, and that he is only supposed to schedule the events at the outings. He asked for someone to volunteer to plan, organize and coordinate T-36 outings/events. Jim Clarke volunteered for this position and asked that scouts/adults call (714) 771-2756 and leave a message regarding any questions pertaining to outings. Randy reiterated that scouts having any questions regarding outings should contact their PLC/SPL/ASPL first.

The subject of campout/event sign-up deadlines were discussed again. Randy advised T-36 is flexible; however, he asked that scouts/adults do not give him any monies for campouts/events. He asked that all fees be given to the treasurer, Bill Boles, with notation on envelope/check what campout/event the payment is for. He requested that future transportation plans for campouts/events need to be more organized.

He announced that he will make the arrangements for the June backpack trip.

He asked for a list of adults who are going to the Whitsett Summer Camp (7/11-7/17/99). He reminded everyone that a physical is needed for adults/scouts who are going and to check with Thomas Wray if their medical paperwork is current or if it needs to be renewed. He reiterated any adults going to Summer Camp who are over 40 must have an annual physical.

He reported the August Campout is the El Capitan State Beach Family Camp (8/20-8/22/99).

He advised the Rummage Sale is Saturday, 4-24-99, and anyone needing a donation letter for tax purposes to contact him.

He reported he still has not received any response from the Irvine Company regarding their commitment as our charter member to give our Eagle Scouts some sort of recognition. He will make another attempt to contact the Irvine Company rep.

He reminded the parents of scouts, who have advanced to the rank of Life and are interested in starting their Eagle projects, there is a list of Eagle projects that need to be completed at the Irvine Ranch.

He announced that Dori Sullivan contacted him and indicated that she and Sean Sullivan have resigned as "active" members of T-36. He advised she did indicate if anyone needs her or Sean's assistance with anything to contact her.



Bill Boles handed out the March Treasurer's Report. There was a question regarding individual scout accounts, and he stated he will have the individual scout account reports completed for the next T36 Parent Meeting. Melody Vansuch asked about Philmont t-shirt sales records. Karen Bates stated they were recorded in past Treasurer's reports. Pat Busch advised he will look for these records and bring them to the next meeting. The March Treasurer's Report was then approved.



Don Berkheimer was not present at the meeting. Pat Busch advised there were several scouts that did not receive their awards at the March Court of Honor. He will check with Don to see if the paperwork was received in time for the Court of Honor.

Tom Corbin asked if there was a current Merit Badge Counselor list for T-36 and/or the Canyons District. A July 1998 list was found and given to Tom. Randy suggested that he go to this Thursday's Roundtable meeting and inquire if a new list had been established.



Ken Stone announced that T-36 has seven (7) scouts who have started their God and Country awards.



Mike Devaney reported the Friends of Scouting was completed and turned into the Council last month. He indicated that the YPT certification is for two years and asked if there was a list of those who received their YPT last year. Karen Bates advised the YPT certification cards were photo copied before they were distributed to the adults last year. He asked if he should schedule a YPT night for the new adults. Randy stated if there are a lot of new adults who have not received the training to contact them and either schedule a YPT night or give them monthly schedule of YPT locations provided by several Districts throughout the County. He stated it was also time to schedule a "Time To Tell'9 training night for the T-36 scouts.



Pat requested the locks/keys for the back door and Quartermaster's door be changed and made compatible. Randy suggested it is time to change the combo on the main gate. After a lot of discussion and pros/cons regarding changing the locks/keys and combination to the main gate, this subject will be tabled for the next meeting.

Randy asked Rick Ramsey, who has been doing the T-36 grounds cleanups. Rick reported he has been doing it himself for the last several months. It was decided to start scheduling patrols again for monthly grounds cleanups. Thanks, Rick!



Yoko reported she has not received the monies from February's El Torito night. She advised March's dine out was at Knowiwoods and again the turnout was poor. It was learned that these dine outs were short notice, and telephone contacts were not made.

Yoko announced the Spring Rummage Sale is scheduled on Saturday, 4-24-99, 7:00 a.m. at Heritage Park in Irvine. Lynn Freimanis stated that parents deliver the items on Friday night to their son's PLC/APLC or Scout House, or before 7:00 a.m. on Saturday morning at Heritage Park. It was decided the PLCs/APLCs are to contact Yoko or Kim Morford if they have items to be picked up. Rick Ramsey advised there are two lawnmowers behind the Scout House that can be donated to the rummage sale.



Karen Bates announced the money for ScoutORama ticket/candy sales is due at the T-36 meeting on Wednesday, 5-5-99 She advised each case had 20-$3.00 tickets, therefore, each scout needs to turn in $60.00 per case. She advised the ScoutORama is scheduled for Saturday, 5-8-99. She asked if T-36 wanted to set-up on Friday night, 5-7-99. It was decided the Cave-In-The-Box will be assembled on Friday night. She indicated the parking fee for Friday night is $2.00 per vehicle, and on Saturday, 5-8-99, the parking fee is $4.00 per vehicle. She will have a ScoutORama sign-up sheet available at tomorrow night's meeting for scouts and adults to sign up for 2-hour shifts at T-36's site. She suggested, due to the large tasks of setting up and breaking down the '1BOX", that more adult/scout volunteers sign up for the Friday night set up and Saturday afternoon's breakdown. She announced that scouts/ adults will earn services hours for their attendance at the ScoutORama.

Thomas Wray advised he is aware of the transportation problems that occurred at Camporee and asked if he could meet with Pat Busch to review, change and improve campout/outing and transportation procedures. Pat asked Thomas to meet with him after the meeting, or plan to meet at another time.

Thomas was not able to get the Idylwild campout for 5/28-5/31/99 (Memorial Day weekend). However, he did reserve the week prior if T-36 wanted to go a week earlier. Randy suggested that we contact the Long Beach Council regarding the reservations we made in Big Bear Scout Camp, February 1998. He recalled the snow camp was cancelled, and they would not refund us the money, however, we could use the camp on another date.

Thomas announced the second $100 Summer Camp payment is due to Whitsett on 5-8-99. He indicated the Summer Camp fees were $195 per scout and $105 per adult. Pat asked Bill Boles to tally up the individual scout accounts so the parents will know what each scout has earned towards his Summer Camp fund. Liz Jewell asked if a memo could be used to notify each parent as to what each scout's individual scout account is so they can budget the Summer Camp fees before July.

Kim Morford suggested that another mandatory Summer Camp meeting for adults be scheduled again. She stressed the importance and need for last minute details in organizing/planning the summer camp itinerary, etc. Pat asked Tom to pick a date for this mandatory Summer Camp meeting for the parents.

Ken Stone announced he and several adults have scheduled a day-hike off the Ortega Highway for scouts who are interested in fulfilling the 2nd Class 5-mile hike requirement. He also advised a Sierra Club/UCI professor has volunteered to instruct the scouts about the indigenous plant life while hiking.

He also announced he has scheduled an outing to visit a Superior Court Judge at Orange County Central Court in Santa Ana on Wednesday, 5-5-99, (3:45 p.m.) for scouts who need to fulfill their

Citizenship requirement for 1st Class and/or Citizen of the Community Merit Badge requirement. He said the scouts will eat out after the outing and make it back in time for the T-36 meeting.



Pat asked if anyone was interested in filling the T-36 Secretary position. Thomas Wray advised he will ask his wife, Terry, if she would be interested in this position.



Karen suggested that parents begin making payments for the Year 2000 Hawaii Summer Camp since the cost will be approximately $1100 per scout. She advised she would set up a special fund for the Hawaii Summer Camp and keep it separate from the other camp funds. She asked if any dates had been established for the Hawaii Summer Camp. Randy suggested the month of August. Karen advised she will post a Year 2000 Hawaii Summer Camp sign-up sheet for scouts/adults to sign up.

Melody Vansuch referred to the handout memo from Lee Estes regarding the Year 2000 Philmont Camp in New Mexico. She explained Philmont is a 10-day High Adventure camp for scouts who will be 14 years old or graduate from 8th grade by June 2000. She asked if anyone is interested in the Philmont Camp to contact her. She advised T-36 has only been allotted 12 scouts to attend, therefore, if you are interested, a payment of $150 needs to be made to her by Wednesday, 5-5-99. She indicated if there is a cancellation, $65 is nonrefundable. She advised parents can mail payments to her, and she will keep the Philmont Camp payments separate from the T-36 camp funds.

Randy asked if T-36 parents would allow their sons to participate in a rifle safety course taught by Bill Boles. He indicated a parent release form would be available. With comments and discussion, it was asked if this topic could be tabled for the next T-36 Parent meeting.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:50 p.m.