Parents’ Meeting
December 1, 1998


Karen Bates

Randy Morford

Kim Morford

Steve Morford

Ken Stone

Ed Butsch

Allen Buchanan

Jackie Peters

Yoko Fujita

Craig Oberlin

Sharon Busch

Joe Vansuch

Cynthia Langer

Lynn Freimanis

Ross Dowell

John O'Neal

Candace Mathieu

Jeff Jewell

Eileen Ramsey

James Clarke

Mike Eberle

Mike DeVaney

Rachel Kissinger

Rohini Anand

Bette Bowen

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 p.m. by Chairman Karen Bates. The minutes from the 11-12-98 were reviewed and approved.

SPL Report
Steve Morford reported the Joshua Tree campout was successful with 15 Scouts attending.

He contacted the District Executive regarding his proposal for a new T-36 patch. The DE indicated we could not have our own council patch and indicated all packs/troops in Orange County will only wear the Orange County Council BSA that are available at the Scout Shop.

He indicated the PLC decided the patrols will do an inside cleanup at tomorrow night's meeting.

He advised all basket items for the Silent Auction are due at tomorrow night's meeting.

He announced the T-36 Christmas Party is scheduled for the 12-16-98 T-36 Troop meeting. Each scout is to bring a $10.00 or under, wrapped gift to the party.

He indicated there will be no T-36 meetings scheduled for 12-23-98 and 12-30-98.

Karen asked Steve about T-36 elections. Randy Morford announced the election for new SPL is scheduled for the 1-13-99 T-36 meeting, and the new SPL will be announced at the 1-20-99 meeting. He indicated the SPL will make the announcement for candidates for SPL at tomorrow night's T-36 meeting.

Steve advised all patrols must schedule an outing in December. He indicated if the patrols (four scouts or more) do not have a December outing, they will not be able to participate in January's T-36 Troop outing. He advised they can schedule an outing at a local arcade, eatery, bowling alley, etc.

Ed Butsch asked if it was necessary to fill out and file a tour permit with the Orange County Council. Randy indicated it was not mandatory if the outing is local. However, Karen suggested it would be prudent to utilize any liability insurance coverage when scouts are on any outing.

Scoutmaster's Report
Randy Morford reported T-36 now has two (2) certified Emergency Medical Trained (EMT) adult leaders who will be available for any climbing/caving outings. He said the April Caving outing can be changed to Joshua Tree if T-36 can get a group campsite.

He advised the Cuyamaca campout is still scheduled for January. He asked if the February ski trip will be an overnighter. Karen advised she will find out if there are any contacts for a cabin rental.

Treasurer's Report
Don Berkheimer was not present for this meeting. Karen reported on the October 1998 Treasurer's report which was reviewed and approved. The November Treasurer's report will be reviewed at the January (1-12-99) T-36 Parent meeting.

Karen announced the next Court of Honor is scheduled for 3-31-99, therefore, there is plenty of time for several Board of Reviews until then.

Ed Butsch asked Karen to give the 11-7-98 Scouting for Food participation list to Don Berkheimer.

Chaplain's Report
Ken reported that the "silent prayer" continues. He indicated when the new Chaplains Aide is chosen, he will work with him to produce and express more meaningful prayers at the meetings.

Karen asked about the God and Country Awards. Ken advised the scouts usually end their requirements in December, and after participating in a Board of Review, the scouts receive their awards at a special recognition ceremony in February presented by Orange County Council.

Jeff Jewell reported he and Rick Ramsey spent 12 hours on Saturday, 11-28-98, rebuilding door frames and installing new doors and hardware. Jeff and Rick, Many thanks!

Fund Raisers
Jackie Peters handed out a flier for the Silent Auction scheduled for Wednesday, 12-9-98, at Western Digital. She also passed out a status sheet with services and items listed that were needed to finalize her list for volunteers for duties and supplies needed to complete gift baskets.

She reminded everyone to bring an appetizer or dessert for refreshments.

Jeff Jewell announced his son, Scott, was making a Summer Camp slide show/CD. He asked what the committee thought about selling copies of these CDs at the Silent Auction and the proceeds would be donated to T-36. Karen thought this was a great idea and asked that a CD be available for viewing and copies available for $5.00 each at the auction.

Randy announced the Summer Camp will be scheduled at Whitsett which is just south of the Sequoia National Park. Whitsett was already booked, however, they have high adventure campsites available which means T-36 will have to take their own tents/equipment.

He suggested in Year 2000 T-36 make a two-week "Maui Trip". He advised an Irvine troop went, and they had a great time. He estimated the cost would be $1,100 for travel/camp/meals per scout.

He reported the Orange County Council may stipulate in the future that every pack/troop in Orange County schedule a Lost Valley Summer Camp every three years in order to achieve the Founder's Award.

He indicated and apologized that the Summer Camp t-shirt order was cancelled. He said all orders will be refunded.

Old Business
Karen reported the Adopt-A-Park service project at Peters Canyon Regional Park has been rescheduled for Saturday, 12-12-98, at 8:00 a.m. Ranger Mike Reeder indicated they only need approximately 15 scouts to remove reed from the lake/reservoir and some plants to be planted.

She announced the T-36 First Aid Kit has been restocked. She asked that scouts needing first aid supplies for their personal kits to restock them at T-36 meetings.

Karen, answering the question whether tour permits could be processed through E-mail, advised they cannot, however, they can be FAX'd to the Orange County Council.

New Business
Karen announced T-36 will be rechartering at the January (1-12-99) Parent Meeting. She asked everyone to be prepared to pay their 1999 dues at this meeting.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:05 p.m. by Chairman Bates.