Parents’ Meeting
February 10, 1998


Karen Bates
Doc Vansuch
Lynn Freimanis
Randy Morford
Dori Sullivan
Ken Stone
Don Berkheimer
Joe Vansuch
Bette Bowen
Don Swartz
Kim Morford
Jeff Jewell
Paul McBryan
Ellen Beaumont
Yoko Fujita
Julie Standish
Kalpana Murdia
Barbara Tonkel
Jackie Peters
Angie Lopez
Carla Buchanan
Ed Novak
Bill Boles
Graig Pauley

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m. by Chairman Bates, and the minutes of 1-13-98 were reviewed and approved.

SPL Report - Joe Vansuch - Joe announced the new PLC positions have been filled and the new T-36 rosters were handed out. He advised the PLC met and discussed the redesign of the Cave-In-The-Box, and because the Pizga Agenda was successful, they will do another agenda for the 2-28-98 and 3-1-98 Snow Valley Ski Trip. He announced the new scout patrol is the Bobcat Patrol, and Zack Boles will be their Troop Guide.

Scoutmaster's Report - Randy Morford - Randy reported the Pizga campout agenda and the patrol assigned meals made the campout more organized and successful. Randy reminded the parents when scouts volunteer for shopping for the campout food, the scout needs to do the shopping.

He announced there were two Packs that bridged to T-36 this month.

He advised Pack 640 has been invited to Snow Valley Ski Trip on Sunday, 3-1-98. He asked for a volunteer to be a T-36 Pack Liaison to all the Packs who visit and/or bridge with T-36.

Randy indicated there was a change of plans with the March Snow Camp. Jeff Jewell reported the San Jacinto Tramway Snow Camp may have too much snow for a backpack campout. He suggested T-36 go to a Group camp in Big Bear. He indicated the scouts could backpack near the camp area. He advised he attended a High Adventure Meeting and learned snow camping was more involved and required much more equipment than parents can afford. He learned there are specific clothing, tents and bag requirements in order to snow camp comfortably and safely. It was decided this campout would be a topic at the next PLC meeting.

Randy announced the April Camporee will be at San Mateo Beach again on 4/24-4/26/98.

Randy expressed his concern regarding the nine (9) Life Scouts not getting their Merit Badges completed. He encouraged the parents to get their sons to complete existing MBs and to sign up for new ones. He asked for more parents volunteer and sign up to be Merit Badge Counselors. He asked Dori Sullivan to provide him a copy of the current T-36 MB Counselor list.

Randy advised some of the new scouts have signed up for the Grand Teton Summer Camp. He reminded the parents this will be a two-week excursion and was concerned about the new scouts being away from home that long and get home sick. He indicated it will be the parents responsibility to pick up their sons if this happens on the Grand Teton trip.

He asked that the draft copy of the T-36 Roster be passed around so parents could fill in their phone/pager/E-mail info so he can complete the 1998 T-36 Roster.

Treasurer's Report - Karen Bates - Karen announced this was Errol Mathieu's last Treasurer's Report, and Don Berkheimer will provide the T-36 monthly financial statements starting next month.

Karen went over the financial statements and the treasurer's report was approved.

Advancement Report - Karen Bates - Karen indicated Melody Vansuch was ill and would give us a report at the March meeting. Karen announced the next Court of Honor is scheduled Wednesday, 4-29-98.

Chaplain's Report - Ken Stone - Ken advised he did not have anything to report. He indicated the Council still has not scheduled a chaplain's training course.

Fund Raiser Report - Yoko Fujita - Yoko reported the Knowlwood fund raiser went well. She announced the next family food fund raiser will be at the Koo Koo Roo on Jamboree Road across from Tustin Ranch. She advised she will contact Northwood Pizza in Tustin and schedule a family food fund raiser there. Don Vansuch suggested the scouts cook a meal to sell, while T-36 parents have their meeting.

Yoko asked about the tentative March carwash. The PLC will discuss this at their next meeting and give a date and location. Dori Sullivan suggested a carwash at a condominium or apartment complex.

Outdoor/Activities Report - Paul McBryan - Paul reported on the 2-28 and 3-1-98 Snow Valley Ski Trip. He referred to the information on the handout. With a lot of questions and discussion, it was decided the scouts turn in a transportation fee of $10 cash in a sealed envelope with the scout's name on it at the next T-36 meeting (2-11-98), and the final payment (a check made out to T-36) for the "package fee" listed on the handout is due at the 2-18-98 T-36 meeting. It was decided there would be no cooking, therefore, each family/scout is responsible to pay for their own meals. It was suggested, due to the recent snow falls, and it is a weekend, that reservations for the lift tickets be made at Snow Valley for 2-28-98 and 3-1-98 so everyone will be guaranteed a lift ticket.

Paul advised there needs to be 20 or more scouts signed up for the "Group" Ski/Snowboard Merit Badge Class/Trip, and the sign-up deadline is 2-18-98 so he can make payment to Snow Valley a week in advance. He indicated there will be two departures--No. 1, early Saturday for those with Saturday tickets, and No. 2, Saturday afternoon for those in the "Group" sign up. Lee Estes has invited adults/scouts to spend the night at his cabin; however, the sleeping capacity is limited, therefore, the scouts will sleep in bags on the floor. All others can arrive on Sunday, 3-1-98, however, the "Group" check in is at 7:30 a.m. There will be no shakedown for this outing.

Paul reiterated the Camporee is scheduled for 4/24-4/26/98 at San Mateo Beach near San Onofre.

The Long Beach Camporee program was passed out. They have scheduled a re-enactment of "The Civil War" program.

Randy advised the Orange County Camporee is OA run, and T-36 has several OA leaders, and there will be a Venture activity this year.

Don Berkheimer asked for permission to recruit T-36 scouts for a Pony League Carnival in March. He indicated the scouts could help with the booths, and especially help with the clean up at the end of the day. Karen advised this would be a community activity and the scouts can earn services hours. Don was asked to bring fliers to hand out to the scouts as soon as possible.

Friends of Scouting/Youth Protection - Dori Sullivan - Dori announced Youth Protection training is scheduled for the next Parent Meeting, Tuesday, 3-10-98 at 7:00 p.m. She indicated this training is mandatory for one parent per family. She advised adults from other troops, packs, etc., are welcome to attend this training session. Randy asked Dori when the training film for the scouts will be available. She advised this will be scheduled after the adult Youth Protection training in March.

Dori passed out the Friends of Scouting pamphlets and donation forms and gave a presentation on this annual fund raiser for the BSA/Orange County Council. She advised the donations were tax deductible, and explained anyone who donates $100 can receive a coffee cup, FOS patch and BSA sticker. She requested that all parents turn in their signed donations forms whether they made a donation or not.

Publicity - Ellen Beaumont - Ellen had nothing to report.

Kim Morford reported she had just returned from an Irvine City Council meeting. She reported the Council was very interested in T-36's status with the County of Orange plans to make the Irvine Ranch an historical park. They were interested whether the City of Irvine or the County of Orange was responsible for maintaining the planned Irvine Ranch historical park. She advised the City Council unanimously approved T-36 to remain on the Irvine Ranch Historical Park site.

It was suggested that T-36 get more involved in city and county emergency services. Kim Morford volunteered to contact the local police departments, fire departments, Orange County Fire Authority, etc., to volunteer T-36 for emergency volunteers during emergency situations (i.e., sand bags/fire, lost child/police, etc.).

Old Business
Doc and Randy will meet to decide on the best bulk/quantity/quality pricing with several t-shirt businesses. Randy indicated he would like the t-shirts available for Camporee in April.

New Business
Dori reported 27 scouts have signed up for summer camp which includes 4-6 adults. The scheduled dates for the actual camp is 8/10 to 8/15/98. She has envelopes for each scout which has the information regarding the schedule of payments. The first payment is scheduled in March, the second in April, and the last payment in May. The payments can be made by check to T-36. She will have a packet for each scout in April which will give detailed information regarding Merit Badges, programs, medical forms, lists, etc. Dori explained that each scout had to have a medical form, and if the scout was 14 years or older they needed a Class III medical form.

She indicated the cost for adults going to summer camp will be free, but they would have to pay for their meals. She advised there are no cabins at the Grand Teton, therefore, T-36 will have to transport all tents and equipment.

Randy announced the Venture Crew and the Viking Patrol will have separate meetings. The Viking Patrol will continue to meet every Wednesday night, and the Venture Crew will meet once a month on the last Thursday of each month (Thursday, 2-26-98, 7:00 p.m.).

Randy learned that T-36 is not a non-profit organization because they are sponsored by a business--the Irvine Company--therefore, we inherit their tax status. He asked if it is possible for T-36 to obtain a Tax ID #. If so, T-36 can receive a donation of $15,000 worth of art work. This topic will be discussed at another meeting.

Randy reminded all adults, who have driven to and from campouts, activities, etc., to keep track of their mileage. This mileage is tax deductible.

Karen reminded the adults she now has a log to keep track of parents who volunteer for services hours. She advised parents will receive quarterly memos to advise them of their earned service hours.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:40 p.m.