Parents’ Meeting
February 9, 1999


Pat Busch Jeff Jewell Randy Morford Matt Langer
Kim Morford Jeanne Stone Tom Corbin Chang Im
Allan Price Candace Mathieu Craig Oberlin Bill Boles
Lynn Freimanis Rohini Anand Mike Eberie Eric Peters
Bette Bowen Karen Bates Yoko Fujita Dave Key
Rick Ramsey Eileen Ramsey Sean Hendry Cyrenea Mehefko
Rick Lutz


Pat Busch, T-36's new Committee Chairman, opened the meeting.

The 1-12-99 T-36 Parent Meeting minutes were reviewed. Randy Morford asked that the 1-12-99 T-36 Parent Meeting minutes be amended as follows:

Per Outdoor/Activities, Page 3, Paragraph 5, "Tom (Wray) also had difficulty getting campsite reservations for the Sequoia Family Camp".

Per New Business, Page 4, Paragraph 7 (2nd sentence), "...Some Eagle Scout recipients may receive Junior Assistant Scoutmaster positions".

The 1-12-99 meeting minutes and amendments were approved.


SPL Matt Langer reported on the PLC meeting. They discussed the Cave-In-The-Box improvements, Camporee patrol skills and scout spirit and ScoutORama. Matt indicated all but two leadership positions were filled.

Randy Morford reported there are new updated T-36 rosters available. He indicated T-36 has bridged several new scouts recently and will bridge several more in the next few weeks.

He indicated a "New Scout Weekend" will be scheduled at the end of this month or beginning of March.

He advised the Cuyumaca camp was great, and a lot of work was done on scout advancements.

He announced the 2-20-99, ski day trip will be at Snow valley. It was decided to make reservations for approximately 30 people and to leave at 5:00 a.m. to get there when they open.

He advised Camporee is next month and scouts need to work on their skills, yells, and menus. He indicated each patrol must cook their own meals.

Craig Oberlin asked if T-36 will host a WeBeLos den at Camporee this year. Randy said this was a good idea and will make plans to include them.

Kim Morford asked that the new T-36 Librarian keep the Merit Badge books in order and check to see if any are still checked out and/or returned.

Randy announced the older scouts now have a "Scout Mentoring Program". He showed the board Sean Sullivan made which will assign each older scout to several younger scouts in hopes to help them advance faster. He advised he and Doc will then be able to work with the new scouts.

He questioned the current procedure to lock up or secure patrol and troop cash boxes. He indicated he wants all patrol leaders to take responsibility for the patrol cash boxes and take them home, and the T-36 Scribe to take care of the Store/Quartermaster funds. He indicated he did not want any monies stored at the Scout House.

He announced Matt Langer's Eagle project will be completed this Sunday, and Steve Morford's Board of Review has been scheduled.

Don Berkheimer was not present at the meeting. Pat Busch asked if there were any questions regarding the Treasurer's report. The report was approved.

Don Berkheimer was not present at the meeting. Randy indicated there were six scouts signed up for the next Board of Review meeting scheduled for Monday, 2-15-99. He reminded everyone T-36's next Court of Honor is scheduled on Wednesday, 3-31-99.

Ken Stone was not present at the meeting. Jeanne Stone reported Ken had completed the Chaplaincy training.

Michael Devaney was not present at the meeting. Karen Bates reported when she turned in T-36's registration, the Council advised they will have an FOS representative contact Mr. Devaney to schedule T-36's Annual FOS drive.

Rick Ramsey indicated he will schedule a grounds cleanup as soon as possible.

He asked if T-36 could purchase several free standing stoves for T36 campouts. After discussion, it was approved that three (3) stoves will be purchased. Randy reiterated, although T-36 prefers the group meals at campouts, at the March Camporee, patrols will need to cook their own meals.

Yoko Fujita reported the Fund Raising Committee met last Thursday. She indicated the Fund Raising Committee needed more volunteers. She advised she will continue to chair the monthly eatery fund raisers and the Spring Rummage Sale, Lynn Freimanis will chair the annual greenery sales, and Bruce McDade has volunteered to chair the Tustin Tillers fund raiser. She indicated she needs volunteers for ScoutoRama, Popcorn sales, Fall Rummage Sale, Halloween Haunt and Silent Auction.

Karen Bates volunteered for ScoutoRama, and Cyrenea Mehefko volunteered for the Popcorn sales.

Yoko asked the committee about several fund raising suggestions--a pancake breakfast and the annual Thunder Races held at the Air Station. The pancake breakfast was discussed and it was decided to obtain a good location for this fund raiser. Pat Busch advised he has access to two large gas grills which can also be used at the Tustin Tiller Days. Randy said he will check on the Thunder Race.

She also asked if the Silent Auction could be moved to another month as it is very busy during the holidays. It was suggested to schedule the Silent Auction before the holidays or after the New Year (2000).

Thomas Wray and Bruce McDade were not present at the meeting. Randy asked if the April Calico camp should be changed to Pizgah. Craig Oberlin advised T-36 can camp away from the town of Calico and then tour the mines. Randy asked SPL Langer to bring up the April camp at the next PLC meeting.

Pat Busch gave the prices for the ski/snowboard group rental packages at Snow valley on Saturday, 2-20-99 and that the fees would be due at tomorrow night's T-36 meeting (2-10-99). He advised reservations need to be made as soon as possible for the group rate which would include the Skiing Merit Badge program. Randy announced this is a "family" ski day trip, and that everyone meet at the Scout House at 5:00 a.m. on Saturday, 2-20-99 so they can get there at opening time. He advised any scouts needing transportation will pay $5.00 extra for gas plus approximately $5.00 for each meal.

Randy advised the $15.00 Camporee (3/19-3/21/99 at Irvine Lake) registration fees and permission slips are due to the Council on 2-24-99, therefore, the $15.00 fees/slips are due at the next T-36 meeting, 2-17-99.

He reported he recently spoke with the travel agent who arranged an Irvine troop's Hawaiian summer camp. He asked for two volunteers to assist in planning a T-36's two-week Hawaii Summer Camp in Year 2000. Craig Oberlin and Lynn Freimanis volunteered. Randy advised they need to meet with the travel agent to find out more info and decide on a package for T-36. He advised there are three different scout camps available on two islands, some tours included, and the rate includes air fare, however, not all the meals.

The first $50.00 sign-up fee for Whitsett Summer Camp (7/11-7/17/99) is due tomorrow night, 2-10-99.

Randy indicated we are out of the T-36 patches that go on the orange neckerchiefs and the neckerchief slides. Karen advised that Don Sullivan ordered the last batch, and she will contact her to find out the company/address/phone to order new patches. She will also ask her about the slides. Randy advised the scouts can probably make their own slides at a T-36 meeting.

Craig Oberlin asked if scouts are interested in activity/outing/ event patches (i.e., Scouting for Food, ScoutORama, Ski trips, etc.). Randy asked SPL Langer to schedule this topic for the next PLC meeting.

Pat Busch asked for a volunteer for the open Treasurer's position. Bill Boles volunteered to be the new T-36 Treasurer.

Pat asked about the vacant Co-chair Publicity position; however, he did not think T-36 needed a publicity co-chair position.

Bette Bowen announced her resignation as Secretary. She advised she will continue to be present and take minutes at the meetings until the Secretary position is filled.

Randy said to check T-36's website-- 36.

Pat asked that any personal adult discussions should be made away from the weekly T-36 meetings. He asked that phone calls be made and/or meetings scheduled for any discussions requiring personal matters.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:40 p.m. by Chairman Pat Busch.