Parents’ Meeting
January 13, 1998


Dori Sullivan
Randy Morford
Ken Stone
Don Swartz
Melody Vansuch
Keith Robishaw
Lynn Freimanis
Rohini Anand
Bill Boles
Elveni Cali
Karen Bates
Carla Buchanan
Yoko Fujita
Ellen Beaumont
Lee Estes
Craig Oberlin
Salparo Ilund
Sean Hendry
Rick Ramsey
Susan Van Vorhis Key
Kim Morford
Paul McBryan
Thomas Wray
Bette Bowen
Dick Symons
Jeff Jewell
Sharon Busch
Cheril Hendry
Joe Vansuch
Julie Standish

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairman Bates, and minutes of the 12-9-97 meeting were approved.

Scoutmaster's Report - Randy Morford

Randy announced Joe Vansuch is the new SPL for T-36. Not all the positions are filled as yet; however, they will be announced at this weeks T-36 meeting. He indicated he will complete the new roster and update the calendars as soon as all the troop positions are filled.

He reported there were no outings in December.

He sent all scouts the Pisgah camp information and shakedown lists. He indicated patrols will be cooking meals for entire troop and each patrol will invite an adult to each meal. The food cost is $12.50; however, if the food expenditure is over the amount allotted, funds can be drawn from the patrols' dues.

He advised five (5) T-36 scouts have been invited to do the flag ceremony at the Tustin City Council Meeting on Monday, 2-2-98 at 7:00 p.m.

He announced there is a Snow Valley ski trip planned for Saturday, 2-28-98; Camporee is scheduled in April and would like to see the scouts more active in demonstrations and games; ScoutoRama is scheduled in May, and T-36 will have their Cave-In-The-Box again and mentioned there is a plan through PLC and a sub-committee to add onto the structure.

Randy asked for committee approval to increase T-36 membership to 48 scouts. He would like six (6) patrols with eight (8) scouts, totalling 48 T-36 scouts. He asked for committee approval. Karen indicated there are always calls/visits by Packs to bridge and is always an ongoing concern with the troop's lid on membership. She asked that this topic be tabled for a sub-committee or for off agenda.

COMMITTEE REPORTS - Treasurer's Report

Karen Bates announced that Errol Mathieu has resigned his position as Treasurer, and Don Berkheimer has taken the position. Therefore, Karen asked if anyone was interested in taking the T-36 secretary position. Bette Bowen volunteered for the secretary position.

Karen presented the Treasurer's report for 12-1-97 thru 1-13-98. She reported the Silent Auction was a success, and T-36 met their goal. She thanked the Van Vohris and Buchanans for their hard work in making this a successful event. She indicated she would like to do this every year. She reported there is $8,500 in the T-36 account; however, $6,800 will be saved for Summer Camp. She did report the T-36 expenditures were higher last year than any prior years. The treasurer's report was approved.

COMMITTEE REPORTS - Advancements - Melody Vansuch

Melody reported there were no advancements or Boards of Review in December. She indicated there is a Board of Review scheduled for Monday, 1-26-98 at 6:00 p.m.

Randy asked the parents and adult leaders to encourage the Life Scouts to think about Eagle projects which can be done even before merit badge requirements are met. However, Dori Sullivan did stipulate that the scouts have the majority of their merit badges completed before starting their Eagle projects.

Randy suggested that we make contact with Ted Miller and Rob Selway, Environmental Management Agency, Harbors, Beaches and Parks to get a list of projects, and if T-36 could do a cleanup and refurbish the historic Irvine Ranch property as a service project.

COMMITTEE REPORTS - Chaplain's Report - Ken Stone

Ken announced four scouts completed their God and Country awards.

COMMITTEE REPORTS - Facilities - Rick Ramsey

Rick had nothing to report.

Randy announced he, Kim Morford, Jeff Jewell and Pat Butsch refinished the wood floor in the Scout House over the Christmas holiday.

COMMITTEE REPORTS - Fund Raising - Yoko Fujita

Yoko announced T-36 met their fund raising goals for the summmer camp funds.

She announced a suggestions that T-36 do a Christmas Tree Pre-sale in July. Karen advised this will be tabled for another meeting and welcomed all ideas and suggestions for more fund raisers.

Randy asked when T-36 would have another rummage sale. Yoko advised one would be scheduled this Spring.

Melody suggested the scouts become more active in fund raising.

Karen asked Yoko to continue scheduling dinner fund raisers at local eateries. Karen also advised T-36 should continue the popcorn sales. However, due to the loss in greenery sales, T-36 may want to discontinue greenery as a fund raiser. She handed out a list of boys profits from the greenery and popcorn sales.

COMMITTEE REPORTS - Outdoor Activities - Paul McBryan

Paul reported on the 1998 outdoor activities for 1998.

January--Pisgah Lava Tubes (1-17 & 1-18-98)--It was confirmed the scouts arrive at 7:30 a.m., 1-17-98 and they all leave at 8:00 a.m. He asked that the scouts give their driver $10.00 for gas and bring an extra $5.00 for lunch money.

February--Snow Valley Ski Trip (2-28-98)--The Merit Badge Day program is $25 for Skiing, $32 for Snowboarding, $29 for adult group rate, $26 for students with ID, and $7 for scouts under 13 years. Rentals are included in the package price.

Karen asked if the Ski Trip was one of the activities that the scouts wanted to extend to an overnighter. The ski trip plans are tentative so contacts can be made to arrange for an overnight stay in a cabin and return on Sunday, 3-1-98.

March--Palm Springs Tramway Snow Camp (3-28 & 3-29-98)--Arrive before 10:00 a.m. to take the tram to camp. Will need $15.40 cash for adults and $9.45 cash for 12 and younger scouts.

April--Camporee--tentatively scheduled for the month of April.

June--Point Mugu Base Campout--Tentatively scheduled for 6-19-98 to 6-21-98.

August--Summer Camp Staging (8-7 to 8-9-98/8-15 to 8-17-98)--Need group reservations at Jenny Lake, Grand Teton NP, to stage arrival and departure activities. Dori Sullivan volunteered to be the Summer Camp Chairman to help coordinate the medical forms, signups, etc. Paul indicated Joe MacPherson Ford has 12-passenger vans to rent for $450.00 a week, and will check to see if the rental agreement specifies all drivers need to have Class B licenses for insurance purposes. Paul advised he made a $100.00 deposit for 30 boys and another payment will have to be made in February.

September--Dana Point Fish Camp (9-25-98 to 9-27-98)--Need group camp reservations at Dana Point. Deep sea fishing will be a walk-on basis only. A suggestion was made to make contact with a known boatowner at Dana Point Harbor for fishing arrangements.

October--Joshua Tree Indian Cove (10-23 & 10-24-98)--Need group camp reservations at this site.

Youth Protection Training - Dori Sullivan

Dori reported the Youth Protection Training is tentatively scheduled in February and indicated this training is mandatory for all registered adult leaders. She advised that all other Packs and Troops are welcome to join T-36's Youth Protection Training.


Karen advised the Publicity position was open. She asked for a volunteer for this position. Ellen Beaumont and Susan Van Vohris Key both volunteered for this position. Karen asked they submit any T-36 formal events to the media. It was learned there are specific forms at the Council that can be used specifically to submit information to the media (i.e., Eagle Advancements, Troop Anniversaries, etc.).

Kim Morford asked if there was any word on the Board of Supervisors meeting as to when EMA/Harbors, Beaches and Parks will be on their agenda. Lee Estes did not have any information from EMA.


Family Camp--the family weekend committee reported Colorado River (5-28-98 to 5-31-98) has been chosen for the family weekend in May--it was suggested to take canoes or make rafts.

Sibling Attendance at Outings--Karen announced siblings may attend only three (3) scout functions--February/Snow Valley ski trip, May/ Colorado River Family Camp, and September/Dana Point Fishing Camp. She advised all other T-36 events, outings and activities are for the scouts only.

T-Shirts/Sweatshirts--the committee will report on the t-shirts/ sweatshirts at the next meeting.


Rechartering--Karen announced that rechartering is due to the Council next month. She went over the 1998 Operating Budget handout and reported on the increase in T-36's expenditures for 1997 and the reasons for the cost of rechartering each scout and all parents. She did report an assessment of the Operating Budget will be conducted in six months to see if additional funds are needed from each scout for necessary equipment purchases and/or budget needs. She requested that all recharting fees be turned in at the T-36 Meeting, Wednesday, 1-21-98.

T-36 Policy and Contract--Karen ask that the parents pick up the new T-36 Policy/Contract with their boy's name on it. She reviewed the contract briefly and explained T-36 needs more parent participation. She advised parent/parents will need to volunteer for 12 hours of participation each year (e.g., supervising departures to campouts--money to drivers, equipment check out, and returns from campouts--equipment check in, parent/scout pick ups, lock up; drivers; service projects; clean ups; fund raisers; merit badge counselors; skill demos; training; etc.). She indicated there will be a log for adult leader participation hours.

She also announced scouts have to have a minimum of five (5) scout outings/functions a year in order to stay active with T-36.

She asked that each scout/parent read and sign the "Agreement to Troop 36 Scouting Policies" and turn it in with their rechartering money at the T-36 Meeting, Wednesday, 1-21-98.

Wall Mounted Desks/Storage Units--Jeff Jewell introduced his "wall mounted desk/storage unit". His model was explained and demonstrated. These wall mounted units will be affixed to each wall where each patrol meets (6 units). It was suggested that the units be made into kits and the scouts put them together. He estimated the cost for each unit at $45.00 (X 6 = $270).

He also indicated he is in the process of designing new patrol boxes for T-36.

Karen again advised the t-shirt/sweatshirt topic will be tabled for the next meeting.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.