Parents’ Meeting
January 12, 1999


Karen Bates Kim Morford Randy Morford
Don Sullivan Bruce McDade James Clarke
Ellen Beaumont Tom Corbin Bette Bowen
Craig Oberlin Eileen Ramsey Rohini Anand
Lynn Freimanis Mike DeVaney Cheril Hendry
Chang Im Cindy McBryan Yoko Fujita
Julie Standish Traci Eberle John O'Neal
Thomas Wray Scott Forrest Janet Dowell
Pat Busch Carla Buchanan Jackie Peters

 The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairman Karen Bates. The minutes from the 12-1-98 meeting were reviewed and approved.

Chairman Karen Bates announced that Joe "Doc" Vansuch has been suffering from extreme headaches and is undergoing numerous tests to find out what is causing these headaches. Doc, our thoughts and prayers are with you at this time to help you recuperate and recover as soon as possible.

Randy Morford announced the SPL elections will be tomorrow night, 1-13-99 at the T-36 meeting.

He said the PLC reports some T-36 patrol boxes need repairs, and the Cave-In-the-Box needs lighting and ventilation before the 1999 Scout-O-Rama.

He reported scouts should get ready for Camporee (3-19 to 3-21-99) by doing weekly skill demonstrations that will assist them in the Camporee skill competitions.

He announced that John Ramsey's Eagle Project is this weekend (1-16 & 1-17-99) in Modjeska Canyon. If you have any questions, contact John Ramsey.

He expressed his concern that T-36 needs more scout participation at campouts and outings. He indicated the new scouts can go on the Cuyumaca campout scheduled for 1-22 to 1-24-99, if the parents turn in the scouts' medical and authorizations forms as soon as possible.

He reported the February Ski Trip will be a day trip on Saturday, 2-20-99, and calls need to be made to get the best group rate without lift restrictions, and the March Camporee (3-19-3-21-99) will be held at Irvine Lake. The cost will be $15.00 per person.

Don Berkheimer was not present at the meeting. Karen reported on the November/December 1998 Treasurer's Report which was reviewed and approved.

Karen announced the next Board of Review is scheduled for Monday, 1-18-99, 6:30 p.m. at the Scout House. She asked that the scouts need to put their names on the list which is next to the Quartermaster's door. She also announced the next T-36 Court of Honor is scheduled for 3-31-99.

Bette Bowen asked the committee's permission to schedule Tim Davidson's Eagle Court of Honor on Wednesday, 1-27-99, 7:00 p.m. at the Scout House. The committee approved Tim's Eagle Court to be on a regular scheduled T-36 meeting night.

Karen advised Michael Devaney he will be receiving Friends of Scouting information soon. She also asked him to be ready for this year's Youth Protection Training, indicating we will have 10 new scouts and adults that need to be trained.

Eileen Ramsey reported the canopy was repaired. She advised that Rick (Ramsey) wants a cleanup scheduled at the end of this month. Karen indicated Sunday, 1-31-99, or Saturday, 2-6-99, would be good dates. She advised the cleanup date will be announced at one of the T-36 meetings before the end of the month.

Yoko Fujita asked if T-36 wants to schedule the same fund raisers for 1999--monthly eateries, Spring/Fall rummage sales, etc. After discussion regarding the plans for a Hawaiian Summer Camp in Year 2001 (2-Year Plan), it was decided to start fund raising for this Hawaiian Summer Camp now. Randy said he would contact the Irvine Troop and obtain all travel information. He indicated the Irvine Troop's two-week Hawaiian camp was $1,100.00 per person which included, food, lodging, and airfare.

Yoko said she will meet with the Fund Raiser Committee and start planning the 1999 fund raisers. Several committee members gave suggestions to contact other cities to find out about their annual events and if T-36 could provide booths at these events. It was also suggested that T-36 could provide a booth at Tustin's annual "Thunder Road Races" at the El Toro Air Station this summer. Kim Morford said she would check on this.

Bruce McDade indicated he needed the drivers' names and how many scouts in each vehicle. Karen said there will be six adults. She advised that any new drivers must report to her their drivers license numbers, vehicle limits of liability coverage, and their vehicle license numbers for tour permits.

After discussion of the Cuyumaca campout, it was decided they would leave on Saturday, 1-23-99 at 7:30 a.m., and maps would be distributed to each driver.

Bruce asked for volunteer "callers" for campouts and activities.

Cheril Hendry volunteered for January's Cuyumaca campout, and Traci Eberle volunteered for the ski day trip in February.

Randy asked Bruce to contact several San Bernardino ski resorts to find the best group rates without lift restrictions, if they have a Skiing Merit Badge class, snowboard rental package, etc.

Karen announced the $15.00 Camporee registration fees (3-19 to 3-21-99) need to be turned in to the Council as soon as possible.

Tom Wray said he tried to get campsite reservations at Joshua Tree but was unsuccessful. Randy said he would discuss the Calico location with the PLC at their next meeting.

Tom also had difficulty getting campsite reservations for Whitsett/Sequoia Summer Camp (7-11 to 7-17-99). They will not take reservations until the park opens. He said he will be in the Visalia area soon and will stop by and check with the office at that location. He said a $1,500.00 minimum deposit for the Whitsett Summer Camp is due 2-15-99. This deposit will be for a minimum of 30 scouts at $50.00 each. He also asked if T-36 wanted to cook their own meals or eat in the mess hall and bring their own tents. Randy advised he wanted the mess hall food. Tom advised the total cost for Whitsett Summer Camp will be $195.00 per boy, plus $25.00 minimum for spending money to equal approximately $220.00 per scout. Karen indicated each scout needs to commit to Summer Camp and turn in their $50.00 deposit by 2-3-99 in order to make the deposit by 2-15-99. She suggested the parents look at the back of the financial statement (handouts) and check their boy's camping fund which can be used to make their first deposit for Whitsett's Summer Camp. After discussion, it was suggested that the PLC pick another location and make reservations in case Whitsett is not available. Randy suggested any new parents that had questions about campouts and/or summer camp, to contact him.

Karen said T-36 will receive a Summer Camp packet several months prior to Summer Camp with all the information needed, i.e., medical forms, food, campsites, merit badges, etc. She indicated a separate Summer Camp meeting will be scheduled for any last minute information and questions.

Carla Buchanan shared with committee members her son's article in January's Boys Life.

Karen advised Ellen Beaumont she will get Andy's black and white photo to her so she can get Andy's Eagle announcement in the local newspapers.

Karen reported the Adopt-A-Park service project at Peters Canyon Regional Park in December was a success, therefore, T-36 fulfilled its requirements for the Founder's Award.

Karen announced the adults can sign up for University of Boy Scouting classes which is scheduled for Saturday, 1-30-99, 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the Costa Mesa High School. Karen indicated the "BSAU" information will be posted on the bulletin board if any adults are interested.

Karen advised the T-36 Scouting Policies are as written with no changes. However, she needs parents/scouts to sign the agreement forms (handouts) and turn in the forms to her with their scout/parent 1999 registration fees. She said the 1999 T-36 Operating Budget remains the same, therefore, the annual dues/fees have not changed. The 1999 Operating Budget was approved and accepted.

Karen asked if anyone was interested in the position of T-36's Treasurer to contact her. She indicated Don Berkheimer has dual positions--Treasurer and Advancement Chair--and would like to resign from the Treasurer's position.

Karen announced her resignation as Committee Chairman and asked if anyone would be interested in this position. Pat Busch asked if he could meet with Karen after the meeting about the Committee Chair position.

Karen reported T-36 has incorporated a new committee position--Recognition Chairman--to see that scouts and adults receive "special" recognition for their dedication to T-36 duties. She asked if anyone was interested in this position. Jackie Peters advised she was interested in the Recognition Chair position. The new committee chairs will be announced at the next T-36 Parent Meeting (2-9-99).

Randy announced he will schedule a "New Scout Campout" at the Scout House for the new scouts/parents either the first or second weekend in February (TBA).

Karen announced there is a "new scout waiting list" and to contact her with any new scouts who would like to join T-36. She indicated that due to the recent and pending Eagle advancements, that the Eagle recipients (who are 16 years old and until their 18th birthday) will automatically be given Junior Assistant Scoutmaster positions. Any Eagle recipients who turn 18 years old will be given Assistant Scoutmaster positions.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m. by