Parents’ Meeting
July 14, 1998


Karen Bates John Bates Don Berkheimer
Allen Buchanan Bruce McDade Lynn Freimanis
Dori Sullivan Paul McBryan Pat Busch
Sharon Busch Dave Key Pat Key
Mike DeVaney Ellen Beaumont Rohini Anand
Jeanne Stone Ken Stone Rachel Kissinger
Errol Mathieu Candace Mathieu Julie Standish
Joe Vansuch Melody Vansuch Doc Vansuch
Dick Symons Yoko Fujita Terry Wray
Thomas Wray Jim Clarke Mary Clarke
John O'Neal Craig Oberlin Bette Bowen

The meeting was called to order approximately 7:15 p.m. by Chairman Karen Bates, and the minutes of the 6-9-98 meeting were approved.

SPL's Report
Joe Vansuch reported the dinner fund raiser prior to this meeting was a success and thanked everyone who helped.

He advised the election for the new T-36 leadership positions were done, however, he did not have his complete list with him. He announced that Steve Morford is the new SPL and will take his position effective the first week in August.

Scoutmaster's Report
Randy Morford reported the shakedown for the High Sierra Backpack trip is tomorrow night (7-15-98), and four vehicles plus the trailer will leave at 6:30 a.m. on Thursday morning (7-16-98). They will return Sunday, 7-19-98 and will have someone contact parents to advise their return time.

He advised there are several Eagle Projects scheduled this summer. Andy Bates just successfully completed his project. Tim Davidson is scheduled to do his project on two Saturdays--7-25-98 and 8-1-98. Steve Morford is ready to do his project after Summer Camp.

Treasurer's Report
The Treasurer's report was reviewed and approved.

Melody Vansuch reported Josh Rogers just completed his Board of Review for First Class, and she has Board of Reviews scheduled on Monday, 7-20-98. She reported the next Court of Honor is scheduled at the Dunes on Wednesday, 7-29-98 at 4:30 p.m.

Bette Bowen advised she received a flyer in the mail today regarding the Dunes Court of Honor. She advised T-36 will provide the hamburgers and hot dogs, and to look on the list to find out what each family is to bring (i.e., side dish, dessert, etc.).

Ken Stone announced John Ramsey is in the process of completing the honorary Catholic Pope Pius award.

Nothing to report at this time. Karen asked who was scheduled to do T-36 cleanup this month. Joe Vansuch indicated the Hawk Patrol is scheduled for cleanup this month.

Fund Raisers
Yoko thanked everyone who attended the dinner this evening. She said it was very successful. She also thanked everyone who helped with this dinner and advised the scouts did an excellent job in preparing the meal.

She advised flyers for the August Rummage Sale have been mailed to everyone. The Rummage Sale is scheduled for Saturday, 8-15-98 at Heritage Park in Irvine. She asked everyone to please clean out their cupboards, closets, garages, etc., and donate any items they do not want. She asked everyone to store their donations at home and please deliver them on the morning of Saturday, 8-15-98. If you have donations and/or large items that you cannot deliver to the Rummage Sale, please call her or Kim Morford to make arrangements for pickup. Also, if any specific donations are not sold, and you want it/them returned, please make arrangements with her and Kim. All other items will be donated to Goodwill.

She asked if she should make arrangements for another eatery fund raiser. Karen asked Joe Vansuch to ask the PLC if they wanted to schedule a carwash in September. Joe indicated they do want to do a carwash in September and will report the dates after the next PLC.

Karen asked Yoko about the Tustin Tiller event. Yoko advised the Tustin Tiller event is always scheduled on the second weekend in October. Don Berkheimer advised the dates are 10-9-98 to 10-11-98. Karen indicated this event will need a lot of scout/adult volunteers to man the booth for approximately 3 days/3 nights. She advised scouts/parents can earn a lot of services hours at this event.

Yoko indicated the Halloween Haunt is also scheduled in October, and the Silent Auction is again scheduled in December.

Paul McBryan advised the shakedown for the High Sierra Backpack trip is tomorrow night, and that four cars plus the trailer will be leaving at 6:30 a.m., this Thursday morning (7-16-98).

Karen advised there is an $8.00 additional fee for all the scouts who are going. This money is due tomorrow night also. The total fee for the Sierra backpack trip is $18.00. She indicated the $10.00 camp fee was a reservation fee for those who wanted to go on this backpacking trip. She advised $15.00 will be for gasoline and $3.00 for the camping permits. Also, each scout should bring at least $10.00 for food when they stop en route to the Sierras and coming back.

She also referred to Page 3 of the 6-9-98 Parent Meeting Minutes as a reminder that parents/scouts personally give her the monies for all camp outs/activities in a sealed white envelope with the scout's name and scheduled event written on the front.

Paul referred to the tentative Summer Camp itinerary (handouts), and the final itinerary will be distributed on 7-13-98.

The whitewater rafting event was discussed. They decided it best to list this event at the end of the Summer Camp schedule. Paul indicated there were several packages they could schedule and one in particular included a barbecue.

Dori Sullivan advised she has received all Summer Camp fees which does not include individual spending money. She suggested the scouts bring extra spending money. She still has not received all the Medical Forms for the scouts and adults. She indicated anyone who does not have a current Medical Form will not be able to go to Summer Camp.

Paul advised the next camp out after Summer Camp is the September/ Dana Point Fishing Camp out. He advised he only reserved four (4) camp sites (8 to each site) at the Dana Point campgrounds. Therefore, if these sites are taken, reservations for this camp out should be made as soon as possible. He also advised he did not make arrangements for deep sea fishing as several people advised him they know several boat owners at Dana Point who they can make arrangements for deep sea fishing.

He reported he will make reservations tomorrow (7-15-98) for the October Joshua Tree camp out. He asked what campsite he should reserve. Randy advised to reserve Indian Cove.

Friends of Scouting/Youth Protection
Dori Sullivan announced she is retiring from this position. Karen asked for a volunteer for this committee position. She briefly explained the annual Friends of Scouting donation event and the Youth Protection certification for T-36 every three years.

Ellen Beaumont had nothing to report at this time. She asked about the Council's media forms. Randy Morford advised there is a special form in the Eagle packets. Dori Sullivan advised she has these forms and will give them to Ellen.

Old Business
Karen asked for a volunteer to go to this month's Historic Committee meeting which is next Tuesday, 7-21-98, 1:30 p.m. in the Orange County Hall of Administration, 5th Floor Conference Room.

Rachel Kissinger and her son, Robert, volunteered to attend.

Karen reminded the volunteers the scheduled events for this fall are approaching fast. She asked if the Janet and Ross Dowell who volunteered to chair the September Court of Honor were present. She indicated she will contact them regarding the 9-30-98 Court of Honor.

New Business
Karen advised the T-36 Eagle Project Policy (handouts) are self-explanatory and must be followed as written.

She advised that Dori will no longer be the Merit Badge Counselor Coordinator and asked for a volunteer for this position.

She indicated Melody Vansuch is retiring from the Advancement Chair position. She asked for a volunteer to assume this committee position. Don Berkheimer volunteered and is now the T-36 Advancement Chairman.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:15 p.m.