Parents’ Meeting
June 8, 1999


James Clarke Chang Im Bruce McDade Mike Eberle Dave Key
Pat Busch Lynn Freimanis Randy Morford Julie Standish Ken Stone
Karen Bates Cyrenea Mehefko Matt Langer Cindy Langer Rohini Anand
Craig Oberlin Allan Price Cheril Hendry Yoko Fujita Lee Estes
Steve Paulin Carla Buchanan Doc Vansuch Errol Mathieu



The meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m. The minutes from the 5 -11-99 meeting were unavailable for approval. (We found them at the end of the meeting!)



SPL Matt Langer announced that menus and equipment for Coopers Canyon backpack trip would be discussed with Scouts at 6/9 Scout meeting. He also stated that SPL elections will take place on Wednesday 6/16.



Randy has posted sign up sheets for 3-day SALT (Scout Adult Leader Training) Friday, August 13th through Sunday, August 15th. All those interested please sign up ASAP.

Randy discussed the possibility of two different hike options on Coopers Canyon trip: A nine-mile hike and a one-mile hike to accommodate some of the newer Scouts as this would be their first backpacking trip. Troop T-shirts are to be worn in place of uniforms. Scouts will be responsible for preparation and cooking of their own meals. Randy stated that there should be plenty of stoves to share. He also mentioned to bring plenty of sun screen and bug spray.

Lastly, parents were reminded that Troop T-shirts are available for $10 each, and sweat shirts for $25 each. All Scouts should have at least one of each.



Bill Boles was not present at the meeting, but March, April and May’s Treasurer’s Reports were approved.



Next Board of Review is scheduled for June 21st, 6:30p.m. at Scout House.

Court of Honor will now take place after Summer Camp. Tentative date is Wednesday, August 25th from 3pm to 9pm at Newport Dunes. Cyrenea Mehefko will call for reservations. More details to come.



Ken Stone noted the May/June edition of Scouting Magazine has exceptional article regarding adolescent males and rough-housing. He suggested we all read it.



A list of parents who do not have their Youth Protection cards entered in the book was circulated. Please check with Michael DeVaney if you are unsure about yours.



Yoko Fujita announced June’s Dine-Out fundraiser at Oscars (at The Market Place) is tentatively set for Tuesday, June 24th. She stated Oscars offers a 20% donation which is more than many of the other places we have worked with. More details to come.

A Car Wash fundraiser is being organized and will hopefully take place in July. Yoko is trying to coordinate with the Chevron station at the corner of Newport and Irvine Blvd., as other fundraising groups have had good success there.

Tustin Tiller Days plans are under way for early October. We plan to sell Philly Cheese Steaks and drinks this year. We will be preparing a trial run on the food at the August 10th Parent’s Meeting. A sign-up schedule for working the booth at Tustin Tiller Days will be posted soon for both parents and Scouts. Remember, this is a great way to fulfill the required service hours!



See Scoutmaster’s Report above for more details. In addition, Allen Price will be phone contact for this trip.

Lynn Vaughn was absent from meeting, however sent information regarding Whitsett Summer Camp. He mentioned that Scout/Parent information packets are ready and will be distributed at the June 9th Scout meeting. Packet information includes: a personal shake down list; map of camp; a list of merit badges and activities and forms for signing up (that must be returned to Kelly Vaughn at June 16th meeting); a parent permission slip for white water rafting, a camp store order form for pre-ordering Camp Whitsett T-shirts (that must be returned June 16th); and contact names for the camp.

In addition, the following items re. Summer camp were discussed:

  • Scouts are to bring their own tents.
  • We will be eating at their cafeteria daily.
  • A departure and return time to and from the Scout House will be determined ASAP

The MANDATORY Parent’s Meeting for Whitsett is scheduled for Wednesday, June 30th, 7p.m. at the Scout House.

El Capitan State Beach location is unavailable for August 20th 22nd. We are looking for suggestions for a different location. Please contact Thomas Wray with any ideas.

Jalama Beach near Santa Barbara is scheduled for October 23rd and 24th. Good tide pools and hiking. More details to come.



Everyone was reminded that Driver Books are due back to Scout House.



Cheril Hendry has taken on the responsibility of Secretary for the summer months.

Jeff Jewell reminded parents that this Saturday, June 12th, he has scheduled a First Aid Merit Badge class at the Scout House for this Eagle required merit badge. All interested Scouts must have already contacted Jeff Jewell.



Parents were reminded that parent involvement of 12 hours per year is required to stay in Troop.

Carla Buchanan stated the availability of some very nice Boy Scout items available from a local church (i.e. Scout Book case and large display board). Two volunteers offered to pick up the items from the church and bring to Scout House.

Carla also mentioned that an "unofficial" Mom’s Adventure Club has been started. A recent fishing trip was successfully undertaken, and more plans are in store! See Carla for more information.

It was noted that the red books with Scout’s medical records are needed back.

Lynn Freimanis offered an update on Scout Summer Camp 2000 to Hawaii, stating the camp is two-weeks long, with a two-island visit (Oahu and Maui). Anticipated costs (all-inclusive) are about $1,000 per Scout. A form is being distributed to each family regarding "parental interest" in traveling with Troop. See Lynn if you have not completed a form.

A Philmont 2000 meeting is scheduled for all Scouts and their parent(s) on Saturday, June 19th, 9a.m. at the Scout House.



With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:15 p.m.

The June 30th Mandatory Parent Meeting for Summer Camp will take the place of our July Parent Meeting. The August Parent Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, August 10th at 7 p.m.