Parents’ Meeting
June 9, 1998


Karen Bates

Carla Buchanan

Jeff Jewell

Ellen Beaumont

John Bates

Ed Butsch

Kim Morford

Randy Morford

Dave Key

Dick Symons

James Clarke

Bette Bowen

Errol Mathieu

Rohini Anand

Lynn Freimanis

John O'Neal

Don Berkheimer

Yoko Fujita

Paul McBryan

Bill Boles

Joe Vansuch

Doc Vansuch

Julie Standish

Cheril Hendry

Rick Ramsey (Late)

Ken Stone (Late)

The meeting was called to order at 7:07 p.m. by Chairman Karen Bates.

Karen referred to the 5-12-98 minutes and asked that the third paragraph/last sentence under the SPL's Report be corrected and amended to read: Scoutmaster Randy Morford will continue to do all Scoutmaster's Conferences for all scout rank advancements.

Eagle Project Presentation

Andy Bates presented and gave a brief summary of his Eagle project to the T-36 adults.

SPL's Report

Joe Vansuch reported the PLC agreed to return to the previous 3-week, sign-up procedures for campouts. They also agreed to adopt the scout mentor program to help the younger scouts with their rank advancements.

Joe indicated the PLC has agreed on a couple of fund raisers. He advised they would like to do a carwash and do the Scout Cookout for the scheduled 7-14-98 Parent Meeting. He advised the cost per adult will be $4.00. He advised each patrol will be responsible for each menu item. Karen asked that the PLC ask for any help with the Cookout if needed.

Joe advised there appears to be a misunderstanding regarding roles, responsibilities and duties with a few T-36 scout leadership positions. He suggested that if there is a deficiency in these leadership roles, the scout must write up a summary of his duties and submit it to Randy for review and approval before the scout gets credit for his position.

Scoutmaster's Report

Randy announced he is very pleased with the status of the troop and the scout leadership.

He reported the troop is scheduled for the Pt. Mugu campout, the Vikings are scheduled for a patrol backpack in two weeks, and the July, High Sierra Backpack trip sign-up permits have been ordered. He advised the Venture crew will do a "backpack" skill demonstration this month so the boys will know how to pack and what to pack in their backpacks.

He advised the troop elections will occur on 7-8-98 and the turnover in positions will be on 7-15-98 just prior to Summer Camp.

He indicated there are three scouts scheduled to do their Eagle projects this summer.

He asked Joe Vansuch about the 1998 Junior Leader Training. Joe expressed an interest in doing the Junior Leader Training here in Orange County.

Treasurer's Report

The Treasurer's report was reviewed and approved.


Melody Vansuch was not in attendance. Karen advised there was nothing to report at this time.


At the time of this agenda item, Ken Stone was not in attendance. Karen advised there was nothing to report at this time.


At the time of this agenda item, Rick Ramsey was not in attendance. Karen reported the Vikings did the cleanup on Sunday. Bette asked if the dumpster could be moved closer to the Scout House. It was discussed and decided to leave the dumpster at its present location.

Karen reported Dori Sullivan's brother and father retiled the bathroom floor.

Fund Raisers

Yoko Fujita reported the Red Robin fund raiser was a success. She advised there will be no fund raisers during the month of June. She advised the July fund raiser is the Scout Cookout for the 7-14-98 Parent Meeting here at the Scout House. The August fund raiser is the Parking Lot Sale at Heritage Park (dates TBA). She suggested the scouts could have a carwash in September.

She announced the idea for soda sales booth for the July 4th Heritage Park celebration has been cancelled. However, she received the paperwork from the city of Tustin regarding Tustin Tiller Days scheduled for October. She said it is a three-day event (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), there are three categories for booths--food/drinks, rides/games and art/crafts, and we need to schedule it as soon as possible. Karen asked Yoko to call the contact person tomorrow (6-10-98) and call her ASAP with any/all information regarding this event.


Paul McBryan handed out copies of the Pt. Mugu Campout Application. He explained the arrival times and departure times were very important--arrive 6-19-98 at 8:00 p.m. and depart 6-21-98 at 11:00 a.m. He also passed out the tentative Summer Camp Trip Itinerary.

Kim Morford suggested that each campout/outdoor activity should have a tour leader. She explained the tour leader responsibilities could include filing the tour permit, taking care of extra funds, and take charge of the event. Karen agreed and asked for volunteers. Errol Mathieu will be the tour leader and Don Berkheimer will be the assistant tour leader for the Pt. Mugu campout. Randy said he will continue doing the shakedown forms.

Paul reported 18 scouts/8 adults have signed up for the High Sierra Backpack campout. Each permit allows 29 scouts/adults. If there will be two separate campsites, two permits will be needed--one for each campsite. Randy advised scouts assigned to each permit must stay at his assigned campsite. He indicated the backpacking trip is still open until 7-1-98 (last date to turn in money) for those who would like to sign up. He said he will be the tour leader for this campout.

Karen reiterated parents/scouts must personally hand her any/all cash payments for campouts/activities in a sealed white envelope with the amount, scout's name and name of the scheduled event (i.e., $10, Joe Scout, Yakamaka Campout) written on the outside of the envelope.

Karen announced there will be a MANDATORY Parent Summer Camp Meeting at the Scout House on Tuesday, 7-7-98 at 7:00 p.m. She stressed the importance of every parent attending to learn any/all information regarding the two-week scheduled summer camp (e.g., Merit Badges, forms, extra money, transportation costs, drivers, etc.). She indicated this meeting will provide important information and parents must attend if their son is going on this summer camp. She advised this meeting will be an excellent time to receive input/suggestions from parents and to answer any questions parents may have.


Karen asked Ellen Beaumont what local newspapers would benefit T-36. It was decided to utilize both the Irvine World News and Tustin Weekly for T-36 announcements and articles. Randy indicated there is a specific Boy Scout Publication Package available at the Orange County Council for troop announcements.

Old Business

Karen asked Bette to report on the 6-16-98 Historic Meeting she attended. Bette summarized there are several committee members that are pro-scouts who verbally stated the Scout House is part of the Irvine Ranch Historic Park. The committee members discussed the relocation of several structures--moving one of the barns to give T-36 more activity area and their concerns regarding the chemical shed being too close to the Scout House or should it be removed from the park altogether. She indicated the committee discussed several ideas regarding the existing hiking trail to merge with the park either by extending the trail around the perimeter of the park or using the existing easements through it (Old Myford and Old Irvine). They discussed rebuilding the Irvine House and making it a restaurant, building a library and/or museum. They discussed what will exist outside the perimeter of the park-- a middle school to the north, condominiums north/east and commercial property to the east. It was suggested that Eucalyptus trees be planted now so the trees can grow and form a boundary to the park site by the time the park opens. Tim Miller did stress the fact T-36 should start compiling a list of services projects and/or Eagle projects that will benefit the Irvine Ranch Historic Park which I reported we had already established a project list. Bette asked about the hours the park will be open/closed and T-36's need to get into Scout House at different days/times. Mr. Miller explained T-36 will be given keys and will adhere to EMA's Memorandum of Understanding (contract).

Karen asked for a volunteer to attend the next Historic Meeting on Tuesday, 7-21-98. Kim Morford volunteered to go to this meeting.

New Business

Karen handed out copies of T-36's Eagle Service Project Guidelines/ Policy procedures to prepare scouts for their Eagle Service Projects.

She announced Janet and Ross Dowell have volunteered to co-chair the September Court of Honor (9-30-98).

She advised T-36 is in need of more merit badge counselors. She explained anyone who has experience, knowledge or an interest in any of the merit badge subjects to sign up. Carla Buchanan suggested that when the scouts finish their merit badges that they give the merit badge counselors a thank you card.

Karen asked if anyone who is interested in the position of Advancement Chairman to contact her.

She asked SPL Joe Vansuch to coordinate and/or delegate someone to coordinate color guard volunteers for two flag ceremonies--14 scouts for the Baptist Church on Tustin Ranch Road and Walnut in Tustin on Sunday, 6-28-98 (flag ceremony practice on Thursday, 6-25-98, 6:30 p.m.) and the Tustin City Council Meeting on Monday, 7-6-98.

She asked the parents to contact her to volunteer for more service hours.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:14 p.m.