Parents’ Meeting
March 9, 1999


Randy Morford Kim Morford Karen Bates Bette Bowen
Matt Langer Jeff Jewell Mike DeVaney Cyrenea Mehefko
Elanna Vaughn Craig Oberlin Doc Vansuch Cindy McBryan
Lynn Freimanis Tom Corbin John O'Neal Cynthia Langer
Thomas Wray Mike Eberle Jackie Peters Candace Mathieu
James Clarke Chang Im Jeanne Stone Ross Dowell





In Chairman Busch's absence, the meeting was called to order by Karen Bates at 7:05 p.m. The minutes from 2-9-99 were reviewed and approved.



SPL Matt Langer reported on this month's PLC Meeting. He indicated the patrol menus for Camporee (3-19 to 3-21-99) are due at tomorrow night's meeting, 3-10-99. He advised any adults wanting to eat with any of the patrols must RSVP with the patrol so they can write up their menus and collect money from each scout/adult. Any patrol that wants to be in the Camporee Golden Spoon competition can do so on their own.

Matt announced T-36 will have a flag retiring ceremony at Camporee. He indicated Scott Jewell is in charge of the "gateway" for Camporee. He advised each patrol must have a yell, a skit, a patrol flag and to check if each patrol box is well stocked. It was learned that the troops will have to hike into the camp area. Randy advised the patrol boxes do not have handles. Craig Oberlin advised holes could be drilled in each patrol box to make rope handles. Tom Wray advised he has wagons if needed to transport patrol boxes, equipment, etc.

A parent asked when the scouts choose their skits, that they do not include any subjects or actions that are inappropriate for this event (i.e., Monica Lewinsky, shooting, stabbing, assaultive behavior, etc.).

Matt announced the PLC chose Pizgah as their April camp out location in lieu of Calico.

Matt reported the scouts will install glow sticks and carpet at each hole in the Cave-In-The-Box for the ScoutORama on Saturday, 5-8-99. Randy asked Matt to make sure the Cave-In-The-Box is ready for ScoutORama.

Because T-36 could not get reservations for the May Sequoia camp out, the PLC chose the Colorado River and Idylwild as alternative camp locations for May.



Randy announced that all new scouts have bridged over to T-36, and the T-36 roster count is 46.

Randy announced the overnighter at the Scout House this last weekend was a success. He indicated by the end of this month's Court of Honor (3-31-99), the majority of the new scouts should advance to Tenderfoot. He also advised all T-36 scouts have had their TotNChip training.

He said the food was great which was provided by the Stones. He asked Jeanne Stone to submit the receipts to get reimbursed for food purchased for this overnighter.

He said now that T-36 has new stoves, he asked that the stove that was borrowed for Summer Camp be replaced with one of the new ones.

He advised the February ski trip was a success. He asked Jeff Jewell to make sure the Skiing merit badges were completed and signed off.

He asked that OA elections be held at tomorrow night's meeting (3-10-99) so that he can make sure OA candidates are present at the Camporee's OA ceremony. He indicated he will be at Camporee early on Friday, 3-19-99, to see that T-36 gets an area to set up. He advised Bruce McDade (absent) is in charge of transportation and will see if all drivers/scouts have transportation to Camporee. He asked Craig Oberlin if Pack 640 WeBeLos will be attending. Craig advised they are all set to go.

Randy announced if the Viking Patrol wins the "top patrol" award again this year, he'll shave his head--GO VIKINGS!!

He reported that T-36 scouts were "hissed" at a flag ceremony they did at a Little League Opening Day last Saturday. He advised T-36 will not participate in any more of their ceremonies.

He asked Matt to make sure patrols are assigned a cleanup Saturday this month before the Court of Honor (3-31-99). He said someone had mowed and cleaned the outside area, however, the interior of the Scout House needs cleaning.

It was learned no one attended last month's Roundtable to obtain any information regarding Camporee. Randy asked for volunteers to attend the Roundtable meetings scheduled on the second Thursday of each month at the Yorba LDS Church.

He asked if the patches for T-36 neckerchiefs were ordered. Lynn Freimanis advised they were.

He reported that the Venture Crew have designed and ordered their own t-shirts. Anyone wanting a t-shirt can contact Steve Morford.

He announced Steve Morford completed his District Eagle Board of Review on 2-11-99 (Congratulations, Steve!), John Ramsey has turned in his Eagle Project and Eagle App to the District Eagle Chairman and awaiting his Eagle Board of Review date, and Matt Langer finally completed his Eagle Project and has several more merit badges to complete. T-36 will have three more Eagle Scouts soon.

He reported he sent a letter to the Irvine Company, our chartered organization, requesting some sort of recognition policy with them for T-36's Eagle Scouts. He has not received a response to his letter. He indicated he will send another letter directly to the Mr. Donald Bren.

Randy asked Jackie Peters to check with him and Chairman Busch prior to any Courts of Honor to make arrangements for scout and adult recognition and awards.



Bill Boles was not present. Karen Bates advised the treasurer's report will be tabled until the 4-13-99 Parent Meeting.



Don Berkheimer was not present. Randy advised the last Board of Review before the 3-31-99 Court of Honor is scheduled for Monday, 3-22-99, 6:30 p.m. at the Scout House. He asked that all parents attend with their scouts to help with the reviews.



Jeanne Stone reported two scouts have started their Catholic Religious Award training. She advised Ken is attempting to obtain Buddhist and any "other" Religious Award training information. Randy advised Mike Stone is the Chaplain's Aide for T-36 and is doing a great job.



Mike DeVaney gave his FOS presentation to parents in attendance. He handed out the donation forms. He advised he will hand out adults/scouts at tomorrow night's T-36 meeting.

Mike announced T-36's 1998 donations were the highest in the County. Several adults asked why all this money is given to the Orange County Council and indicated some of this money could be donated to the T-36 Troop fund.



Rick Ramsey was not present. Randy advised there was a Scout House plumbing problem this last weekend. He asked Matt to assign a patrol to clean the facility and bathroom weekly. Several adults advised they will bring in gloves and paper towels. It was suggested to purchase an environmentally safe cleanser due to the facility's leach system.



Lynn Freimanis reported the recent T-36 "El Torito Night" was not attended well. She advised it is always the same families that attend. It was learned that a lot of parents were not informed because (1) it was short notice, (2) they did not receive a flier, and (3) no calls were made. It was suggested the patrols do their phone calls again and that phone calls be made before 9:30 p.m.

A few adults asked what the funds were used for. It should be determined and explained to the parents what the fund raising funds are for--the scouts individually or for T-36's general fund.

She announced the next T-36 Food Night will be at KooKaRoos at Tustin Ranch and date to be announced. She asked that parents keep their receipts, and the forms for the eateries will be on the fliers.

Lynn handed out T-36 Spring Rummage Sale fliers and announced it is scheduled for Saturday, 4-24-99, at Heritage Park in Irvine.

Candice Mathieu asked if a patrol competition could be established where patrols could receive incentives/prizes/rewards for their participation in T-36 fund raisers.



Tom Wray asked every parent in attendance to fill in their driver's/vehicle information on a sheet he passed around.

He asked that parents turn in their release forms for the Camporee this month. He advised food expense is not included in the $15.00 registration fee. He said that 46 scouts and 10 adults have signed up for Camporee. Karen asked that patrols find out how many scouts/adults will be eating with their patrol, to collect monies for food for each meal, and have someone in each patrol be assigned to purchase the food. She indicated because Camporee being so close that a transportation fee will not be collected.

It was asked if there would be an entrance fee. Karen said it was included in the $15.00 registration fee. It was asked if fishing was allowed and what the fees were. Randy advised it was $5.00 for scouts under 16 years, and 16 years and up would be $10.00. It was asked if the T-36 canoes could be used at Lake Irvine. Randy indicated it would be okay; however, scouts/adults must be trained or certified as a BSA lifeguard, Safety Afloat trained, or have Canoe and/or Swimming Merit Badges. Also, any untrained scouts as passengers in canoes must know how to swim.

Karen reported on ScoutoRama. She asked that someone go in her place to the ScoutoRama Kickoff event this weekend at Edison Field in Anaheim. James Clarke volunteered to go. She advised she reserved a 20'X40' space for the Cave-In-The-Box.

It was asked if it was mandatory that each scout sell one box of candy/tickets this year. It was decided each scout must sell one box of candy/tickets, and he will receive a ScoutoRama patch.

Randy indicated since the PLC chose Idylwild/Black Mountain as one of the camp alternatives to replace the May Sequoia Family Camp, that an attempt to make a reservation be made as soon as possible.

Randy announced that he and Jeff Jewell will make the arrangements for camp and hiking permits for the June Troop Outing at Silver Moccasin Trail in the Angeles Mountains.

Tom reported the first installment for Summer Camp at Whitsett (7-11 to 7-17-99) has been sent. He confirmed that T-36's Summer Camp registration/reservation will include meals.



Summer Camp--Year 2000

Lynn Friemanis received information from the University of Hawaii regarding dorm/housing/meals. She indicated two persons per room at $30.00 per day and three meals a day $15.00 per person per day. Randy explained that the initial plan for the two-week Hawaiian T36 Summer Camp in 2000 is to spend a week at a Boy Scout camp, and another week touring the islands.

Craig Oberlin advised any adult over 40 years old must have a Class III medical examination annually before he/she can attend Summer Camp.

Bette advised she found, while looking at the unit anniversaries in the March/April Scouting magazine, an announcement "...Troop 36 in Honolulu, Hawaii, just celebrated their 75th anniversary". She thought we could write to them, advising them of our plans to visit their islands in Year 2000.


Driver's Books

Karen reported that Susan Van Vorhis Key is updating the Driver's Books. She advised Susan will be calling the adults to update all information in these books. Karen indicated there are some books missing and asked, if anyone has any Driver's Books in their possession, they return them to Susan so she can update all the books.


ScoutoRama Ticket/Candy Sales

Karen reported the ScoutORama candy/tickets will be distributed to each scout at the 3-17-99 T-36 meeting.



Bette again asked if anyone was interested in being T-36's Secretary. She will attend the 4-13-99 Parent Meeting and subsequent meetings until the position of Secretary is filled.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.


7:00 P.M.