Parents’ Meeting
May 12, 1998


Karen Bates Don Berkheimer Dori Sullivan
Melody Vansuch Joe Vansuch Doc Vansuch
Randy Morford Kim Morford Alan Rice
Paul McBryan Jeff Jewell Craig Pauley
Ellen Beaumont Bette Bowen Dick Symons
Errol Mathieu Lynn Freimanis James Clarke
Rohini Anand Dave Key Angela Cuevas
Yoko Fujiti Bill Boles Bruce McDade
Craig Oberlin Mark Langer Ken Stone
Ross Dowell Mike Eberle Traci Eberle
Julie Standish Rick Ramsey Eileen Ramsey


The meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m. by Chairman Bates, and the minutes of 4-14-98 were reviewed and approved.


SPL's Report

Joe Vansuch reported that both Camporee and ScoutORama were a success thanks to everyone who participated.

Joe indicated his concern regarding the new scouts not advancing fast enough. Karen Bates agreed the younger scouts need mentoring and suggested the older scouts (First Class and above) begin mentoring the younger scouts at the meetings.

Bette asked, since we have 47 scouts, if other Adult Leaders /Assistant Scoutmasters could date/sign off the Scoutmaster's Conference requirement in the Scout Books. Karen advised this is okay, however, Randy like's to meet with each scout to get to know them. Although Randy can always meet with each scout to date/sign off on the Scout Spirit requirement.


Treasurer's Report The Treasurer's report was approved.


Melody Vansuch reported she only has one scout signed up for a Board of Review so far this month.

She advised the next Court of Honor is scheduled for 7-29-98 at the Dunes in Newport Beach.

She announced her appreciation for a job well done by the scouts at the 4-29-98 Court of Honor. She indicated the scouts planning the program was a complete success.

Karen agreed. She advised she would like to see the scouts more involved in program/activity planning.


Rick Ramsey did not have anything current to report; however, he announced it was the Vikings turn to do the next clean up. He will announce the Vikings' cleanup date (weather permitting) at the next T-36 meeting.

Fund Raisers

Yoko reported the Lamppost fund raiser was a good turnout. She asked if the Committee wanted to continue doing fund raisers at the eateries that paid a better percentage rate or go with new ones that pay less. Karen advised to continue with the eateries that pay a higher percentage.

Yoko announced the following schedule (dates, locations, etc. TBA) for fund raisers:

May - Red Robin

June- Scouts "Cookout" for Parents

July- July 4th Soda Sales at Heritage Park

August- Rummage Sale at Heritage Park

Yoko reported that Rohini Anand and Lynn Freimanis volunteered to do the November Greenery fund raiser.

Karen asked Joe Vansuch to take the "Scout Cookout" idea to the PLC. She suggested the patrols could have a "Golden Spoon" contest for the best entree, dessert, etc.



Paul McBryan referred to his handout regarding the Park Moabi (Colorado River) Family Camp scheduled for 5/29-5/31/98. He indicated there is a $2.00 tent campsite fee and there are canoe trips available for fees depending on which package with a 10% group discount. He advised he needs to make canoe trip reservations 10 days in advance. He reminded everyone this is a family camp, and families will be responsible for their own transportation. However, transportation arrangements for other scouts wanting to go will need to be made as soon as possible.

He reported the beach camp sites at Pt. Mugu have been washed out due to the recent storms. He advised there is an alternate camp site available at Pt. Mugu's soccer field behind the chapel. He asked if the Committee wanted to continue with this campout and, if so, change the dates back to 6/26-6/28/98.

He also reported the paid and non-refundable Taquist camp site (Barton Flats snow camp that was cancelled) is only available after the summer. He advised there are a few slots in September, October and November.

Randy (arriving after a business meeting) shared more information on the Sierra Backpack/Campout which has been rescheduled to 7/17-7/19/98.

He indicated the base camp will Be Rock Creek (Near Tom's Place between Bishop and Mammoth). He advised he needs a count ASAP to obtain backpacking permits (15 per permit). He indicated he will go up early to obtain a base camp and asked if anyone else could possibly go early to reserve another campsite depending on how many will be going.

Friends of Scouting/Youth Protection

Dori Sullivan had another meeting to attend and was excused. Karen announced T-36 was the record holder for the District's Friends of Scouting donation campaign. Also, Karen reported the T-36 Youth Protection Training (3/10/98) was a good turnout.

Old Business

Karen explained the importance of T-36 committee members attending the monthly Historic Planning Committee meetings. She asked for volunteers for the May meeting on Tuesday, 5-19-98, 1:30 p.m. at the Hall of Administration in Santa Ana (corner of Broadway and Santa Ana Ave). Bette Bowen volunteered to go. Karen asked Bette to ask Lee Estes if he could attend. Bette advised that Allen Buchanan may also want to attend.

Karen explained the meeting agenda regarding the Irvine Ranch is comprised of where barns will be relocated, parking area, vehicle access, garden area, park closure, toxic shed location, etc. She asked that we take notes and report back to her any planning information regarding T-36's Scout House.


New Business

Karen again asked for volunteers for the following activities:

October Halloween Haunt Chair - Julie Standish

Popcorn Chair (November) - Dave Key

Greenery Chairs (November) - Rohini Anand & Lynn Freimanis

July 4th Soda Sales Chair - (OPEN)

Court of Honor Coordinator (7-29-98/Dunes) - Kim Morford

Court of Honor Coordinator (9-30-98) - (OPEN)

Karen also expressed the need for more T-36 Merit Badge counselors. She asked for parents who have professional/personal knowledge or an interest in any of the merit badges to volunteer for merit badge counselors. She explained they only need to fill out the Adult Leader Form and the Merit Badge Counselor Form. Bette advised she will be signing up as a Traffic Safety Merit Badge counselor.

Karen advised each patrol station now has explicit instructions for scouts on how to obtain a Blue Card, get signatures, etc. Several questions were asked regarding merit badges. Randy explained it is important for the scouts to start earning merit badges as soon as they become boy scouts for the purpose of rank advancement. He suggested the new boy scouts can start earning merit badges at summer camps, and after they attain their First Class and 2nd Class ranks, they can start earning the Eagle required merit badges (12 Eagle Required MBs and 9 Regular MBs = Total: 21 MBs).

Karen asked for volunteers for the Eagle Project Review Committee which is scheduled for 5-13-98, 6:00 p.m. at the Scout House (prior to the T-36 meeting) to review an Eagle Project. Volunteers are Dori Sullivan, Jeff Jewell, Doc Vansuch, Ken Stone, Kim Morford, Alan Rice and Karen Bates.

Scoutmaster's Report

Randy advised T-36 is doing great. He handed out copies of T-36 roster and the current Outing/Activity calendar.

Randy reported, after he recently conferred with a law enforcement officer, that it is illegal to have more than 10 passengers in any van and that the Summer Camp transportation plan to rent the 15-passenger vans needs to be changed. He suggested the adults going on the Summer Camp trip could use their own vehicles. Paul advised we could still rent the vans and remove several seats and use the space for equipment.

Karen asked for volunteers for a Summer Camp Committee to discuss the schedules, transportation, etc. It was suggested that the committee (Paul McBryan, Jeff Jewell, Ken Stone, Randy Morford, Dori Sullivan and Karen) meet at this month's Red Robin fund raiser (location, date, time TBA).

Kim Morford suggested T-36 purchase a canopy/tarp for activities during hot sunny weather. It was discussed and decided to wait until after summer camp to see if there is money left over.

Kim expressed her concerns regarding the scouts who are late signing up and paying their deposits in advance for the campouts. She suggested that we return to the three-week schedule (signups/ deposits three weeks prior, menus due two weeks prior, and the shakedown the week/Wednesday prior. Karen agreed the current procedures are not working, therefore, we need to reinvent or go back to the 3-week campout planning schedule. Karen did request that the $10.00 deposits be given to her in lieu of the mailbox. She advised money has disappeared from the mailbox.

Alan Rice reported on a gallery in Sherman Oaks who wants to donate animation artwork. He indicated T-36 could sell this artwork as a fund raiser. He suggested T-36 get a P. O. Box, get BSA Council fund raiser permit, advertise on the Internet, have committee members volunteer for receivables, packaging, etc.

Several committee members requested to see the artwork. Alan advised he will bring samples to the next T-36 meeting.

Bette reported on the article in The Register, 5-8-98, regarding volunteers needed to help clean up trails in several Orange County Parks. She advised one of the trails is Peter's Canyon Creek Trail where Tim Davidson's Eagle project plans have been hampered again due to the stormy winter and road/housing construction above Peter's Canyon Creek Trail which has caused the creek trail to fill with 1 to 2 feet of silt. She asked if T-36 could make arrangements to do a troop service project at this trail so Tim could start his Eagle project as soon as possible.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:10 p.m.