Parents’ Meeting
Mayl 11, 1999


Pat Busch Liz Jewell Jeanne Stone
Tom Corbin Yoko Fujita Thomas Wray
Chang Im Craig Oberlin Kim Morford
Randy Morford Matt Langer Lynn Freimanis
Carla Buchanan Allen Buchanan Mike Eberle
Allan Price Larry Mehefko James Clarke
Tricia Badraum Doc Vansuch Melody Vansuch
Ross Dowell Lynn Ognibene Dale Vaughan
Bette Bowen Susan Vanvorhis Key


The meeting was called to order at 7:02 p.m. The minutes from the 4-13-99 meeting were approved.


SPL Matt Langer reported this month's PLC meeting attendance was better. He indicated the money from the ScoutORama candy sales was due. They discussed a Physical Fitness Day with date/time TBA. The Big Bear/Takawitz (Sp?) Family Camp will be $3.00 per person and is scheduled for 5/28 to 5/31/99. They discussed completing the Cave-In-The-Box improvements to allow better lighting and ventilation. He advised the PLs/APLs who attend future PLC meetings must wear their uniforms.

Kim Morford reminded Matt the barn needed to be cleaned out. Randy Morford suggested a cleanup day be scheduled ASAP.


Randy said the Pizga trip was great. The May, Big Bear/Takawitz camp out (5-28 to 5-31-99) has been scheduled, and the June, Silver Moccasin Trail backpack trip (6/25 to 6/27/99) is being planned by Jeff Jewell, Joe Vansuch and Jim Clarke.

He reported the Scout-O-Rama event was great. He indicated theCave-In-The-Box still needs improvements--better lighting and ventilation. He said the new hinges for the Cave-In-The-Box did strengthen the actual structure of the Cave-In-The-Box; however, it was more difficult to assemble/unassembled.


Bill Boles was not present at the meeting, and this month's Treasurer's Report will be discussed at the June T-36 Parent Meeting (6-8-99). The individual Scout Camping Fund list was handed out to show what each scout has in his account. Randy asked if there were any questions or discrepancies to contact Bill Boles.


Don Berkheimer was not present at the meeting. Randy advised advancements are progressing. He indicated Andy Bates and Steve Morford were given Junior Assistant Scoutmaster (JASM) positions, therefore, they can sign off on requirements for the T-36 scouts.

He advised advancement Boards of Review will pickup as we approach the June Court of Honor which is scheduled for Wednesday, 6-30-99. He announced that Kelly Vaughn is now a T-36 Assistant Scoutmaster.


Ken Stone was not present at the meeting. Randy advised T-36 can take pride in the fact that a lot of T-36 scouts have earned and received these awards for the past several years, and more T-36 scouts are currently working on their God and Country requirements.


Mike DeVaney was not present at the meeting.


Rick Ramsey was not present at the meeting.


Yoko Fujita reported T-36 finally received a check from the El Torito fund raiser. She advised T-36 made $247.00 from last month's Heritage Park Rummage Sale. She indicated that Karen Bates said T-36 made $550.00 from the ScoutoRama candy sales.

She asked if T-36 was doing another Silent Auction this year. She suggested an adult(s) should volunteer to chair/co-chair this event as soon as possible.

She announced the next fund raiser will be the "Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich Trial Run" (for the Tustin Tiller event in October) which will be scheduled on an off meeting night in June. Randy suggested this "sandwich trial run" could be scheduled in concert with the "MANDATORY" Summer Camp meeting.

She advised she will check on the Woodbridge car wash location. Randy also suggested to check with the new Mobil station at Culver and Walnut in Irvine.

She questioned the Tax ID number requirements and fees. Jeanne Stone advised an Irvine Pack was able to obtain their Tax ID number without the fees. Jeanne advised she will check on this and report on any information she obtains at the next T-36 Parent meeting (6-8-99).

Yoko indicated she has copies of donation letters if anyone is interested in a copy for tax purposes.


Thomas Wray announced that Jim Clarke has designed a T-36 Outing Planner to use for each outing/event scheduled. Jim passed around a copy for everyone to view. It will help organize transportation and driver information, scheduled outing events, etc.

He announced he mailed the 2nd Summer Camp installment. He advised to date that 40 scouts have signed up for Summer Camp. He confirmed T-36 will be eating their meals at Whittsett's Commissary. He suggested that someone volunteer to chair the Summer Camp events.

Randy reported their are 10 adults who have signed up for Summer Camp. He will make copies of the Whittsett Summer Camp manual for all those who have signed up. He indicated only five (5) adults can go to Summer Camp free. However, since there are 10 adults signed up, and the fee for adults is $100, he suggested that each adult pay $50 each.

The subject of scout spending money was discussed. Randy suggested each scout have at least $25 to $30 spending money for Summer Camp. Bette suggested that someone be in charge of purchasing Summer Camp t-shirts for the scouts. Randy suggested T-36 preorder t-shirts so each scout gets one before they are sold out. It was also suggested T-36 have a troop picture taken while at Summer Camp.

Again, it was suggested that T-36 needed an adult/ASM to plan, organize, keep records, etc., for t-shirt orders/purchases, troop picture, events, etc., at Summer Camp. Pat Busch reiterated the Mandatory Summer Camp meeting should be scheduled ASAP and no later than June.

Yoko Fujita asked if anyone was coming home from Summer Camp early. Randy indicated the last night of Summer Camp is a Friday night, 7-16-99, and they usually have a big dinner/ceremony, and parents are welcome to attend. He suggested parents can attend this Friday night event with their scouts and then leave afterwards. She asked where and how long a drive it was. Randy advised Whitsett, Kern County, is a 6-hour trip.

Susan VanVorhis Key reminded everyone she needs updated medical records on each scout/adult for Summer Camp. She advised she only has two (2) T-36 Medical Notebooks and still has not received the three (3) missing ones. She indicated she needs to update all five (5) scout/adult medical record notebooks before Summer Camp. Randy suggested that she make a total of 12 notebooks for T-36. Randy indicated he needs to know any/all scouts who have medical conditions and/or on medication. He must be in possession of this information and any/all medications, dispensing same, while at Summer Camp.

It was asked how old scouts must be for the High Adventure event at Summer Camp. Randy advised the boys have to be 14 years old at the time they attend Summer Camp.

Thomas Wray indicated there is a $3.00 per person fee for the May Family Camp in Big Bear (Takawitz/5-28 to 5-31-99). He will contact Takawitz and ask what activities/events will be open for the scouts (i.e., rifle shooting, archery, etc.). He will supply maps/directions to all families going. He advised there are showers and restrooms available. J

Lynn Friemanis asked where the June, Silver Moccasin Trail backpack trip (6-25 to 6-27-99) was located. Randy advised it is in the Angeles National Forest.

Thomas advised he could not get reservations for the August El Capitan State Beach outing. He asked for suggestions for other beaches. Kim Morford suggested that the August beach outing (8-20 to 8-22-99) could be switched to the September outing (Big Bear/9-24 to 9-26) which might accommodate T-36 getting reservations at El Capitan or any other beaches. Other suggested locations were Cabrillo Beach, Pismo Beach, Pendleton, and "Club" Pt. Magu.


Pat Busch again asked for a volunteer to take the T-36 Secretary position. Kim Morford volunteered to take the position "temporarily"; however, she asked that another adult, who needs to acquire voluntary hours, take the Secretary position.

The Firearm Safety course, which was tabled from the 4-13-99, T-36 Parent meeting, was discussed again. Per majority vote, this Firearm Safety Course was accepted. Pat advised a date/time will be scheduled for scouts/adults interested in this firearm safety training and permission/release forms must be signed by parents/guardians before scouts can attend. There will be no ammunition or shooting at this safety training course.

Per the need for someone to volunteer for the Summer Camp Advisor position, Craig Oberlin volunteered for this position.


Liz Jewell announced ASM Jeff Jewell has scheduled a First Aid Merit Badge class at the Scout House on Saturday, 6-12-99. Anyone interested in signing up/earning this Eagle required merit badge must contact Jeff Jewell.


With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:15 p.m.