Parents’ Meeting
November 12, 1998


Karen Bates

Randy Morford

Steve Morford

Lee Estes

Bruce McDade

Don Berkheimer

Lynn Freimanis

Ellen Beaumont

Ken Stone

Jackie Peters

Craig Oberlin

Ed Butsch

Thomas Wray

Bill Boles

Jeff Jewell

Eileen Ramsey

Dori Sullivan

Melody Vansuch

John Ramsey

Yoko Fujita

Bette Bowen

Mike DeVaney

Susan Van Vorhis Key

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairman Karen Bates. The minutes from the 10-13-98 meeting were approved.

Scoutmaster's Report
Randy Morford announced two scouts, Andy Bates and Tim Davidson, completed their Eagle Scout District Board of Reviews. Congratulations, Andy and Tim! He reported Steve Morford has completed his Eagle project, Matt Langer is in the process of completing his Eagle project, and John Ramsey is in the planning stage of his Eagle project. Soar, T-36 Eagles!

He announced T-36 Junior Leader Training is scheduled right after Scouting for Food pickups this Saturday, 11-14-98, at the Scout House. He indicated Joe Vansuch has done an excellent job in organizing an agenda and program for this training.

He reported on a tentative location for T-36's 1999 Summer Camp. The location is Camp Whitsett which is just below Sequoia National Park. He stated he will give this information to the PLC for their approval.

He still has not received all the oral reports from the scouts who obtained Eagle required merit badges from this year's summer camp. He has only received reports from three scouts so far, and if the scouts want to get their merit badges signed off, they need to do their reports.

He expressed his concern regarding the low count for the last campout. Only seven scouts went on this campout. He also stated there are only 17 scouts signed up for Joshua Tree. Mike DeVaney asked if parents could receive updated calendars so they know what has been scheduled. Randy stated he will see that the updated calendars and rosters are distributed to all scouts and parents.

He was asked if scouts who have not signed up for Joshua Tree be allowed to sign up at shakedown next Wednesday, 11-18-98. Randy said this would be okay this time. He reported there are no campouts scheduled for December, however, patrol outings will be scheduled. He stated each patrol can choose what activities they agree on, i.e., bowling, cycling, etc.

He indicated the campout for January is tentatively Cuyumaca, and a Big Bear ski trip is tentatively scheduled in February. He asked SPL Steve Morford to check with the PLC to confirm whether the ski trip will be an overnighter.

SPL Report
Steve Morford reported the Officials/Explorers at the Rancho Los Flores Halloween Haunt asked that T-36's Cave In The Box be reconstructed to include ventilation and safety measures before it can be used at another scout event. Steve advised a battery operated box fan or ceiling fans, small lights inside, and other safety measures can be implemented. He stated Alan Rice offered to help with these improvements. Randy Morford indicated that rules and supervising procedures also need to be implemented, such as how many kids can be in the box at one time.

Steve stated some patrols are still not securing their dues and are missing money.

He announced the new Patrol Skill Schedule is now posted on the board.

He reported there will be NO T-36 meetings on Wednesdays, 11-25-98, 12-23-98, and 12-30-98 which are all pre-holiday dates.

He referred to the newsletter he passed around regarding a new T-36 patch that could take the place of the Orange County Council patch which is worn on the left sleeve of the scout shirt. Several committee members asked about the cost, fund raiser, design, County Council authorization, etc. Chairman Bates requested Steve to contact the County Council District Executive and ask if T-36 can replace the County Council patch with this proposed patch, and if so, get written authorization. She asked when he obtains this written authorization to bring it to the committee again for review and approval.

Eagle Project Proposal
John Ramsey gave an overview of his Eagle project. He reported his Eagle project will be at the Silverado Canyon's Nature Conservancy. It will entail planting indigenous trees and plants, clearing the perimeter trails, and cleanup to restore the natural habitat of the area. He estimated his project will take approximately three days, scheduling each day with adults/scouts to do specific jobs. Everyone was impressed with John's Eagle project proposal. Good job, John!

Treasurer's Report
Don Berkheimer apologized for bringing the wrong monthly reports. He did reassure everyone by stating, "...But, we have money!"

Don reported there have been a few Tenderfoot and 2nd Class rank advancements, along with the two Eagle Scout awards.

Randy Morford indicated the scouts need to have their scout books reviewed periodically. He also suggested the scouts contact Don to review and check the status of their merit badges and advancement records.

Chaplain's Report
Ken Stone had nothing to report at this time. However, he reported recently visiting other troops in the area, and in comparison, T-36 is very organized and has excellent parent/scout participation.

Friends of Scouting/Youth Protection
Mike DeVaney had nothing to report at this time. Randy Morford indicated he recently received something in the mail regarding Friends of Scouting.

Jeff Jewell reported he has ordered the front doors, and will do the back door after the front doors have been installed. He asked if it was necessary to put the crash bars on the new doors. Ken Stone stated the crash bars are legally required on all doors.

Fund Raisers
Yoko Fujita indicated she did not have her Halloween Haunt and Spaghetti Dinner information with her to report on how much T-36 made at these events. She did report that T-36 sold approximately $3,000 worth of popcorn, and T-36's profit from sales should be around $984.

Chairman Bates asked for the list of volunteers for both the Halloween Haunt and the Tustin Tiller Days.

Jackie Peters reported she will need two or more donations from each scout family for the Silent Auction scheduled on Wednesday, 12-9-98, 6:30 p.m. at the Western Digital cafeteria. She stated she will be calling each scout family to make a list of items they will be donating for this event. She indicated appetizers/hors d'oeuvres and desserts will be potluck, and music will be provided by a DJ. She asked if the patrols will need help in packaging up their baskets. Chairman Bates advised each patrol will have an adult to supervise the packaging of the baskets.

Bill Boles reported he was in charge of scheduling and setting up the Silent Auction at Western Digital. He indicated Western Digital will set up their cafeteria for this event.

Several questions were asked regarding whether scout families can bring guests, and if T-36 should send invitations and distribute fliers for this event. It was agreed by the committee, because the food would only be provided by the scout families, they keep the invitations limited to scout families, friends and T-36 guests only.

Chairman Bates suggested to Jackie Peters that she assign Silent Auction details to sub-committees, i.e., food, decorations, etc.

Bruce McDade suggested that several departure times be announced so drivers/scouts will know what time and what drivers/vehicles scouts will be assigned to. He also indicated he needed all drivers/ vehicle information for this campout. It was suggested that Bruce and Tom Wray get the T-36 Driver/Vehicle Information List from Paul McBryan.

Bruce and Tom also indicated they need a "return-from-camp caller" for the Joshua Tree campout. Melody Vansuch volunteered to make the calls when T-36 returns from Joshua Tree.

Bruce and Tom asked about the helmets. Randy reported T-36 will purchase a few climbing helmets, and he will check with Alan Rice regarding the purchase of these helmets.

They asked if they should make reservations for the Cuyumaca campout in January. They were advised they could, but in the past it was not necessary. They were also advised as soon as the PLC decided whether they were going to have an overnighter for the Big Bear Ski Trip, they could start making contacts for cabin reservations in the Big Bear area.

Randy reported he has all the information regarding the Witzit (Sp?) Summer Camp, and if the PLC approves this camp, he will make copies for Bruce and Tom.

Ellen Beaumont had nothing to report at this time. She asked if T-36 wanted the Silent Auction advertised in the local newspapers. Chairman Bates again advised since the food for the Silent Auction will only be provided by the scout families, friends and T-36 guests, they would not need to advertise this event.

Chairman Bates did advise the Eagle Scout information and pictures need to be given to Ellen to announce the recent T-36 Eagle Scout Awards so they get in the local newspapers.

Old Business
Lynn Freimanis reported there will be a little greenery excess, however, not enough that T-36 will take a loss.

Chairman Bates reported the Adopt-A-Park service project at Peters Canyon Regional Park has been rescheduled for December. Randy Morford advised he will contact Ranger Mike Reeder for a date/time.

New Business
Chairman Bates advised the T-36 First Aid Kit needs inventoried and items replaced. She also advised T-36 has plenty of bandaids if scouts need to restock their personal first aid kits.


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