Parents’ Meeting
October 13, 1998


Karen Bates Bruce McDade Randy Morford
Kim Morford Steve Morford Ellen Beaumont
John O'Neal Lynn Freimanis Bette Bowen
Thomas Wray Barbara Tonkel Jackie Peters
Carla Buchanan Ed Butsch Beth Butsch
Bill Boles James Clarke Sissy Oberlin
Mike Eberle Jeff Jewell Yoko Fujita
Dave Key Julie Standish Rick Ramsey
Susan Van Vorhis Key    

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 p.m. by Chairman Karen Bates.

Karen referred to the 9-8-98 T-36 Parent Meeting minutes, Page 4, second to the last paragraph, and requested that the contact person for community service hours be changed to Tammis Berkheimer. The 9-8-98 minutes were then approved.

Committee Chair Report
Chairman Bates reported the Tustin Tiller Days booth was a success, and said T-36 will continue to do this annually. Several committee members advised they did not receive any notification regarding any of the recent events or fund raisers. Karen asked SPL Morford to advise the PLs that calls are not being received and to ask the PLs and APLs get the correct information and make the calls as soon as possible to each scout in their patrols.

SPL Report
Steve Morford said there are still openings for volunteers for Popcorn sales at the Ralph's market at Jamboree and Irvine Blvd. He passed around the sign-up sheet for more adult volunteers. He advised the scouts are to wear their Class A uniforms.

He announced he needs five scout volunteers for the flag ceremony at the Tustin City Council meeting on Monday, 11-2-98.

Scoutmaster's Report
Randy Morford passed around a draft T-36 roster and asked everyone in attendance to check their phone numbers for accuracy, and if they have a new area code, to write it next to their phone numbers.

He announced there are three scouts who will receive their Eagle Scout awards by the end of the year. Another scout is currently doing his Eagle project.

He reported he attended the EMA's Park Ranger Meeting and suggested, if they have projects that need to be done, to contact T-36 to have our scouts do service projects and/or Eagle Scout projects.

Randy is still concerned about retaining T-36's location. He suggested T-36 invite Rob Selway to the November Parent Meeting on 11-10-98.

He announced there is a PADI Scuba Diving course on Saturday, 11-7-98. The course is $150.00, and if anyone is interested in signing up, to contact him.

He referred to the PLC's proposed T-36 Annual Plan for 1998-99 (handouts). He said there are dates and locations that are tentative. The October backpack trip is scheduled for this weekend (10/17 & 10/18). He asked that the boys arrive on Saturday at 7:00 a.m., so they can leave at 7:30 a.m.

He indicated the Joshua Tree campsite reservations could not be made and this camp out is tentatively scheduled for 11/20-11/22 providing adults can go early Friday, 11-20-98, to reserve several camping areas. Otherwise, there may not be any spots left, if they leave on Friday evening. Karen Bates and Ed and Beth Butsch volunteered to go early that date to reserve several campsites.

He announced that Alan Rice is about to complete his climbing certification, and he may also be available to go early on Friday, 11-20-98. He asked that the scouts get better helmets/hard hats for rock climbing.

He indicated there is not enough time in October to schedule T-36's Junior Leader Training; however, it could be scheduled in November during the week on several evenings.

He reported reservations for Emerald Bay/Catalina Summer Camp were not made in time. He asked SPL Morford to take the proposed Annual Plan back to PLC and make another choice for summer camp, and if the ski trip in February will be a day trip or an overnighter, then bring it back to the committee for approval.

Eagle Project Proposal
Steve Morford gave an oral presentation of his Eagle project. He reported he rebuilt five (5) park benches at the Irvine Ranch Historical Park. Good job, Steve!

Treasurer's Report
Karen gave an overview of the Treasurer's Report. The Treasurer's report was approved.

Karen announced there were a lot of advancements at the 9-30-98 Court of Honor. She indicated Don Berkheimer now has the scout records computerized, and scouts can ask for printouts of their current advancement records.

Randy announced, in the future, scouts who took Eagle Required merit badge courses at summer camp, will be required to give a 5-minute oral report about the Eagle Required merit badge they completed at a T-36 meeting following summer camp.

Chaplain's Report
Nothing to report at this time.

Rick Ramsey did not have anything to report at this time. Karen expressed her concern regarding the Scout House doors not being secure enough, and the front double doors are ajar most of the time. She asked that the doors and locks be replaced. Rick indicated the doors and locks will be very expensive. Thomas Wray said he will attempt to get the doors and/or locks donated from an acquaintance at a local home improvement store. Randy suggested that the crash bar be reinstalled on the back door. Jeff Jewell and Rick Ramsey will work on this project together.

Ed Butsch volunteered to seal the cracks/crevices between the Scout House walls and foundation.

Karen asked Rick to schedule another patrol to do a Saturday Scout House landscape/clean up.

Fund Raisers
Yoko Fujita reported T-36 made a total of $765.89 (including gift certificate donations) at the Tustin Tiller Days. Karen reported that the TTD fund raiser was successful, and everyone who participated enjoyed themselves. She indicated this will become an annual fund raiser for T-36; however, she suggested T-36 needs a specialty item to sell. It was suggested that T-36 prepare the "Philly Steak Sandwich" as their specialty to sell at next year's TTD.

Yoko announced November's fund raiser will be the Spaghetti Dinner. A lot of donated items leftover from TTD will be used at the Spaghetti Dinner (i.e., sodas, french bread, etc.). She will distribute a flier.

Jackie Peters volunteered to chair the December's Silent Auction fund raiser. She suggested that each family donate two items. Kim Morford suggested the patrols do their "patrol" baskets again. After discussion regarding the date of the Silent Auction, it was decided it will be scheduled for Wednesday, 12-9-98.

Karen asked Carla Buchanan to check and see if T-36 could use the Santiago Middle School location again.

Randy suggested Western Digital's cafeteria would be an ideal location for the Silent Auction, and he will check if this location will be available for that date.

Other suggestions were to have everyone bring appetizers/hors d'oeuvres/desserts, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, etc., and to have music or DJ available.

Karen asked for volunteers to contact her or Jackie to help with the Silent Auction.

Jackie indicated she will distribute Silent Auction fliers as soon as the location is confirmed.

The new co-chairs for T-36 Outdoor/Activities are Thomas Wray and Bruce McDade. They will begin making arrangements as soon as they receive the authorized T-36 Annual Plan for 1998-99.

The October backpack trip is scheduled for this weekend at Cooper's Canyon, leaving this Saturday at 7:30 a.m.

Julie Standish reported the Halloween Haunt Family Camp is scheduled for 10/23-10/25/98 at Rancho Las Flores. She advised there are lunches and dinners available to purchase; however, breakfasts will not be available, and she suggested campers bring their own breakfast foods. At the beginning of the meeting, she passed around a sign-up list for adult volunteers to help with this event, and at the time of this report, she had received 18 adult volunteers.

Karen asked that the Cave-In-The-Box be checked for safety hazards and complete any repairs needed before the Halloween Haunt.

Joshua Tree camp out is scheduled for 11/20-11/22/98 with volunteers going early that Friday to reserve campsites.

Friends of Scouting/Youth Protection
Nothing to report at this time.

Ellen Beaumont reported the Scout Council does not have an Eagle Scout media contact form. Ellen indicated she will make her local newspaper contacts and find out what their procedures are for Eagle Scout announcements.

Old Business
Karen announced the money for the Popcorn and Greenery fund raisers are due tomorrow night, 10-14-98.

Ed Butsch handed out the fliers/maps with map/patrol assignments for the two Scouting for Food Saturdays. Scouting for Food bags are to be passed out on Saturday, 11-7-98 and picked up on Saturday, 11-14-98. All scouts are to be in their Class A uniforms and meet each Saturday, 9:00 a.m., at the Scout House to be assigned to adult drivers. Karen reiterated that in order for adults/scouts to receive service hours for this event, it is mandatory they attend both Saturdays. The drop off location is again at the San Juan Church on San Juan between Browning and Newport Avenue in Tustin.

Randy advised he will contact the Peters Canyon Park Ranger to reschedule T-36's Adopt-A-Park service project in November.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:25 p.m. by Chairman Bates.