Parents’ Meeting
September 8, 1998


Karen Bates Randy Morford Kim Morford
Steve Morford Craig Oberlin Don Berkheimer
Eileen Ramsey Jeff Jewell Barbara Tonkel
Ed Butsch Beth Butsch John O'Neal
Pat Busch Mike Eberle Jackie Peters
James Clarke Cynthia Langer Paul McBryan
Lynn Freimanis Bruce McDade Cheril Hendry
Yoko Fujita Bette Bowen Julie Standish
Rohini Anand Elana Vaughn Dick Symons
Ken Stone Rachel Kissinger Don Beaumont
Bill Boles Errol Mathieu Joe Vansuch
Susan Van Vorhis Key

The meeting was called to order approximately 7:05 p.m. by Chairman Karen Bates. The minutes from the 7-14-98 meeting were approved.

Committee Chair Report
Karen Bates reported T-36's capacity was approved at 48 in 1997. She indicated T-36 has a total of 44 scouts as of this date. She said she has a waiting list of 4 scouts, and she keeps getting calls from several Packs wanting to bridge to T-36. She explained the importance of scout attendance and the parents as volunteers for meetings, events, fund raisers, campouts, etc. She regretfully reported that scouts and their parents who have not participated in T-36's events, activities, fund raisers, campouts, etc., and have a low performance report, will not be allowed to register with T-36 in February 1999 per the Troop 36 Scouting Policies, Article III-Family Agreement, Obligations 1, 2, 3 and 4. She stated each scout/parent has received at least three (3) Quarterly Attendance/ Volunteer Reports and depending on what they have or have not participated in or volunteered for will depend on their future with T-36, especially when T-36 will have a large waiting list. She reiterated the scouts must have at least five (5) events/activities/camp outs a year away from the Scout House, and the parent(s) must volunteer for at least 12 hours a year exclusive of T-36 Parent Meetings.

Karen said the scouts and parents who volunteer for Scouting for Food which includes two (2) Saturdays--one Saturday to drop off the bags and the second Saturday to pick up the bags--will only get credit for hours by volunteering for both Saturdays.

Karen indicated she needed a volunteer for a Popcorn Sales Chairman as soon as possible. She also asked for volunteers for the Christmas Silent Auction. She said she will contact the Buchanan's to see if they would like to chair the Silent Auction again. Susan Van Vorhis Key volunteered to help with the Silent Auction. She advised parents may volunteer for the Tustin Tiller Days fund raiser and Halloween Haunt at Rancho Las Flores.

Karen announced the Scout House was burglarized recently. Unknown person(s) came through the west window and took some of the patrols money. She asked that the patrols lock up their money boxes and not leave so much money in them. She asked who had keys to the Scout House besides her, and it was learned Jeff Jewell, Randy Morford and Rick Ramsey have keys. She suggested that the Scout House needed to be secured, and the doors need better locks or be rekeyed, and the windows all have pin locks installed.

Karen again reminded all parents when signing up for camp outs, the money goes in a white envelope with the scout's name and scheduled event written on the front.

Scoutmaster's Report
Randy Morford expressed his admiration for the scouts and their leadership roles this past year. He indicated he has seen a lot of maturity and growth in the scouts also. He announced there are three (3) Life scouts about to attain their Eagle Rank before the year's end, and three (3) more who are ready to start their Eagle projects before the year's end. He reported he has received recent contacts via phone and Internet from several past T-36 scouts from the 1960's and 70's who shared information from their past membership in T-36.

He reported the Summer Camp was a lot of work and took a lot of manpower hours. He said their were 6 adults and 30 scouts.

He announced the O. C. Council cancelled their annual Junior Leader Training this Fall. He said T-36 can have their own Junior Leader Training in October.

SPL Report
SPL Steve Morford announced the PLC has rearranged all the patrols. The Vikings are only the Venture Patrol and will meet on a separate night. All the Venture scouts have been assigned to each patrol as a leadership role and will meet with their assigned patrol on Wednesday nights. He said three (3) patrols now have 7 scouts and two (2) patrols have 8 scouts. He indicated the meetings will now have allotted time frames for activities--25 minutes for rank advancements, 10 minutes for a short game, and the remainder of meetings will be for patrol scheduled skill presentations. Each patrol will be designated and responsible for a skill presenter/ presentation each week. Therefore, every six weeks the patrols will rotate and present their skill presentations.

He advised the next PLC meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, 9-15-98 at Western Digital. He will make the necessary phone calls to the PLC. He advised adults are welcome to attend this meeting.

Randy asked for weekly volunteers for Patrol Advisors for the younger scout patrols--Bobcat and Hawks.

Treasurer's Report
Karen advised the Summer Camp expenses were covered in full. She advised this included the new tires for the trailer. She indicated several scouts had ordered $10.00 t-shirts from Summer Camp and have not paid for them yet.

Karen announced the next rank advancement board of review is schedule for Monday, 9-14-98. She asked that the scouts sign up on the list for their rank advancements before Monday.

She said the next T-36 Court of Honor/Potluck is schedule for Wednesday, 9-30-98 at the Chapman Hills Park. She advised a flier with a designated scout food list will be handed out.

Chaplain's Report
Ken Stone reported there has been too many silent opening and closing prayers recently. He advised he will make sure the Chaplain's Aide will express more meaningful prayers in the future.

A parent suggested that there should be more non-denominational prayers, and perhaps some of the other religions could be shared at the meetings.

Eileen Ramsey advised that the grounds are still being watered by Rick and Rohini Anand, and Rick mowed the grass last weekend.

Karen indicated she will talk to Rick about securing the Scout House with better locks and keys.

Fund Raiser's Report
Yoko Fujita announced the August Rummage Sale was a success.

She reported she needs to sign up next week for a booth at the Tustin Tiller Days, and T-36 will sell donated baked goods and drinks. She said she's been working on donations for baked goods and drinks from various stores and restaurants. A parent asked if parents can donate baked goods, and Yoko said any donations are welcome. She indicated a flier and a sign-up sheet will be available for this 3-day event. She said there will be plenty of hours available for volunteers to sign-up for 2- to 4-hour shifts, especially for setting up and closing each day. The hours for each day, starting with Friday, 10-9-98, 1-11 p.m.; Saturday, 10-10-98, 10 a.m.-11 p.m.; and Sunday, 10-11-98, 11 a.m.-6 p.m.

Karen asked if anyone is interested in helping chair the Silent Auction to contact her.

Julie Standish reminded everyone the Halloween Haunt is scheduled for 10/23 - 10/25/98 at Rancho Las Flores. She said the sign-up form will be mailed tomorrow with a check. Karen asked if the Cave-In-The-Box will be decorated inside like it was last year, and if someone would check if it needs any repairs. Jeff Jewell said it should be fine and will probably need more screws. He said he will check it over to see if it needs anything else.

Paul McBryan announced that he is resigning his chair effective 10-1-98. Karen asked if anyone was interested in volunteering for the Outdoor/Activities Chair to contact her as soon as possible.

Paul reported the Dana Point Camp is the weekend of 9/25-9/27/98; however, the fishing boats are all chartered, but fishing is okay.

Paul indicated Joshua Tree is booked for October. Bette asked if Barton Flats was available since T-36 had already paid for it. Randy questioned the area, but Paul advised there are some hiking areas there.

Friends of Scouting/Youth Protection
Karen announced Michael DeVaney has volunteered to be T-36's Friends of Scouting and Youth Protection Chairman.

Susan Van Vorhis Key advised there was nothing to report. Randy asked if the Eagle Scout Media Contact Form was in the Eagle packet. Karen said it is not included in the packet; however, she would pick some up at the O. C. Council.

Old Business
Karen indicated T-36 has not completed their Service Project and said one needed to be scheduled in order for T-36 to get their Quality Unit Award for this year. Randy said he will make arrangements with either the Peters Canyon Park Ranger or the Irvine Ranch Historical Park Ranger for T-36 to do a Service Project.

New Business
Karen reported the O. C. Council now has Scout Shop debit cards to use on pack/troop accounts. She advised only members who have the card can utilize T-36's account. She asked how many cards she should obtain, and it was suggested to get only two--one for her and one for the Advancement Chairman.

Karen asked for all those who participated in the May, Colorado River Family Camp to contact her so she can get the event listed on the scout/parent activity/volunteer quarterly reports.

Karen asked for anyone who is interested in volunteering for Community Service to contact Isabel Montje.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:15 p.m.