Parents’ Meeting
January 11, 2000


Rohini Anand

Tom Corbin

Kim Morford

Karen Bates

Lee Estes

Eileen Paulin

Don Berkheimer

Lynn Freimanis

Allan Price

Bill Boles

Yoko Fujita

Eileen Ramsey

Judy Brostoff

Cheril Hendry

Julie Standish

Carla Buchanan

Vicki Im

Sharon Tsang

Pat Busch

Robert Lamb

Joe Vansuch

Ed Butsch

Bruce McDade

Dale Vaughn

James Clarke

Randy Morford

Thomas Wray

Michael DeVaney

Jeff Jewell

Liz Jewell

Craig Oberlin


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The meeting was called to order at 7:08 p.m. by Pat Busch.

Reading of the Minutes:

Copies of the previous Parent's Meeting were not available to review and approve. The parents elected to waive approving the minutes. Any comments on November's minutes can be discussed at the February Parent's Meeting.


SPL Report:

It was announced that Joey Vansuch is the new Senior Patrol Leader.

The SPL reported that the new PLC's and other positions had been filled as follows:

The SPL reported that his goals are:

Scoutmaster's Report:

Hawk reported that over nine hours of work per volunteer went into installing the patrol tables at the Scout House. Four more need to be installed, and all of them need to be painted. Hawk needs volunteers to complete the project. Lynn Freimanis and Yoko Fujita volunteered to help paint the tables on the cleanup day February 5.

Hawk reported that a major cleanup of the Scout House will include the preservation of many of the awards that are hanging along the walls. An Awards Wall, which will protect the ribbons and other artifacts will be installed. He plans to once again make a "Patrol of the Month" award. He noted that the lectern had been moved to the opposite end of the room during meetings, to encourage parents to step outside during troop meetings. He asked that parents be aware that their conversations inside the building during meetings were distracting to the boys.

Skis are still available for purchase for $10 a pair. Hawk will contact several other troops to see if they are interested in purchasing skis also.

Hawk reported that the troop is currently at 48 scouts, including the addition of one new scout - Aaron Fujimoto. Several scouts recently dropped out of the troop for various reasons. Several Cub Scouts from Pack 145 and Pack 640 were expected to attend the next night's troop meeting as possible new members in March.

Hawk reported that several mid-year, new scouts have not advanced as well as the new scouts who came in at the beginning of the year. He said that the SPL and the PLC's would be working with these scouts to give them better support and guidance.

The trailer is now registered. It was discussed that The Nature Conservancy would possibly allow us to park it in its garage.

A conversation about the value of a liaison with The Nature Conservancy followed. Mr. Corbin and Mr. Estes volunteered to meet with members of the group and forge an alliance. Our scouts could work with The Nature Conservancy on Eagle projects.

February 5 will be the next cleanup day at the Scout House.




Bill Boles presented the Financial Statement, which was approved by a majority vote.


Don Berkheimer announced that the next Board of Review will take place on Monday January 17 at 6:30 p.m. He asked for and received several parent volunteers.

The next Court of Honor is scheduled for March 29.

Friends of Scouting/Youth Protection:

It was announced that the adults/parents of troop members are due to receive Youth Protection training.

Outdoor Activities:

Jim Clark reported that the next campout will take place on January 22 and 23 at Blue Jay. The cost for the event is $30. Shakedown is 1/20. The campground is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Space was not anticipated to be a problem at this time of year. Dale Vaughn volunteered to be in charge of the check in/out telephone calls for the Blue Jay outing.

A day ski trip will take place in February. It is tentatively scheduled for February 26.

A discussion took place regarding how difficult it has been to obtain a reservation at Joshua Tree. Several alternative sites nearby were discussed.

Chaplain's Report:

Ken Stone reported that four scouts from Troop 36 will be receiving the Ad Altare Dei Award on February 19. Less than one percent of all scouts earn this religious award.


Hawaii Summer Camp was discussed. Hawk briefly went over the schedule, and the expenses were touched upon. Nothing was finalized. Eileen Paulin volunteered to help Hawk with some of the details of the trip. Lynn Freimanis has done quite a bit a legwork for the Pearl Harbor excursion.

There is approximately $7,000 in the bank account to defray the expenses of summer camp.

Pat Busch asked that if anyone had comments or was unclear about the allocation of funds for summer camp, they bring them up at this time. A discussion about the troop's past procedures regarding summer camp took place. Hawk suggested that when the final expenses are figured, this subject could be revisited at a future meeting. The consensus seemed to be that the costs of a scout going to Hawaii or local camp would be defrayed on an equal percentage basis.

It was discussed that there needs to be a list finalized of scouts planning to go to local summer camp. When Mike DeVaney arrived, he took announced a meeting on Wednesday, January 19th, during the troop meeting for parents of scouts planning to attend local summer camp.

It was announced that Karen Bates had completed the troop tax-exempt tax forms, and that they would be mailed the next day.

It was discussed that we should have several more sets of keys for the Scout House, including a "loaner" set. Several parents volunteered to help in keeping and distributing keys. Pat Busch will take care of having the keys made.


New Business:

Venture Crew was discussed, and it was voted upon and approved that Troop 36 would sponsor Venture 36. This group will have a high adventure focus. Venture 36 will meet at the scout house on a night that will not conflict with troop meetings. Members of this group must be 14 years-old, and girls are included in it membership. It was requested that the group's members come to Troop 36 meetings to share the skills that they have learned.

Pat Busch sought a replacement for Yoko Fujita as Fundraising Chairperson. The group acknowledged the excellent job that Yoko has done, and thanked her for her service to the troop.

Cheril Hendry volunteered to take the position of Fundraising Chairperson, if a replacement could be found for her position of Secretary.

Eileen Paulin volunteered to take the position of Secretary.

The National Jamboree, Washington, DC, 2001 was discussed. A meeting will take place for interested parents and scouts on January 20 at First American Financial. A mailer was sent to scout's home address.

Craig Oberlin reported that Patrol Advisors are needed. Volunteers need to be a registered scout leader and must be SALT trained. Please contact Craig.

Hawk asked that parent's seriously consider stepping forward to take over as Scoutmaster after the August Court of Honor, when he plans to step down. He is willing to be involved on a weekly basis until then, but is reiterating his decision that it is time for someone else to take charge of the troop.

Hawk asked that parent's be conscientious of picking their scout's up right on time after meetings. He and another adult must wait until the last scout is picked up, and many times this is a long wait after the meeting has been adjourned.

Pat Busch announced that he needs help with registration. Karen Bates volunteered to help him.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Eileen Paulin