Parents’ Meeting
October 12, 1999


Jim Clarke

Bruce McDade

Karen Lamb

Lynn Freimanis

Randy Morford

Karen Bates

Cyrenea Mehefko

Pat Busch

Yoko Fujita

Alan Rice

Craig Oberlin

Cheril Hendry

Ed Butsch

Jeff Jewell

Liz Jewell

Chang Im

Ching-Ping McBryan

Judy Brostoff

Allen Buchanan

Carla Buchanan

Paula Corbin

Robini Anand

Melody Vansuch

Julie Standish

Sharon Tsang

Don Berkheimer

Steve Paulin

Rick Ramsey

Scott Raybourn

Sue Raybourn

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The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. September meeting minutes were approved.


Treasurerís Report

The Treasurerís Report was not available. It will be approved at the November Parent Meeting.

Scoutmasterís Report

Official Troop size is now 51. Randy voiced concern that overall quality of Troop is declining due to increase in member size without incremental increase in parental involvement. For example, Scout House tables need primed and painted, but only a few adults have been helping. Randy would really like for parents to do this job. Please call Randy to volunteer your time.

Also, a general Scout House clean-up day is needed. Patrols will be contacted to coordinate this effort. Parental support will be needed.

Senior Patrol Leaderís Report

It was suggested that PLC (Patrol Leader Council) annual outing planning meetings be moved from August back to June in order to allow more time for outing coordination. Move of this meeting to be determined at a later date.

11 Scouts attended recent bike trip. Although not a large group, they had a good time.


Board of Review scheduled for Mon. 10/18 at 6:30pm.

Scott Jewellís Eagle Scout activity is scheduled for weekend of 10/30-31. Could conflict with Merit Badge Day scheduled for 10/30. Possible date changes to be coordinated.

Chaplainís Report

Ken Stone absent.

Friends of Scouting

A date in November may be coordinated for Adult Youth Protection Training. If we do not have training at Scout House, a group trip to AYPT site will be coordinated. One parent from each family is required to be certified. Re-certification is required every two years. A list is being circulated with each familyís status.

S.A.L.T. (Scout Adult Leader Training) training is highly recommended for parents, especially if attending Scout outings. (Also a great way to get required hours in!!!) See Michael DeVaney for more details.

Andrew Berkheimer is coordinating a Junior Adult Leader training. Details to come.


Reminder that popcorn and greenery sales are due Wed. 10/20. Also, make sure money is turned in in two separate checks. Scouts need to be reminded that, for future fund raising events, they are to sign their parents and themselves up for same time slot.

First Harvest Food Bank food drive is starting. Please bring non-perishable canned goods to Scout House. Flyer with more details to come.


Outdoor / Activities

JALAMA BEACH - October 23rd & 24th

As of 10/12, still need drivers. As there are only 8 parking spaces available for us, we need vans, Suburbans, etc. to carry Scouts. Plans are to leave Scout House at 5:45am. Wear Troop 36 t-

shirts Saturday morning. Arrival time back at Scout House on Sunday is around 5pm. Shake down list and more info is on Troop 36 web site. More info re. Jalama Beach is available at Parents should be reminded that there is a restaurant and store on site. Scouts may want a little extra money.



Bruce McDade offered many thanks to all involved in the Tustin Tiller Days fund raiser, a great success. Several people put in many extra hours, including Yoko Fujita, Karen Bates, Ken Stone, Pat Busch, Lyn Freemanis and Jeff Jewell. A total of $4,237 was earned, with net profits to come. Bruce stated that he received many complements about food. Thanks to Al for coordinating donations of all the peppers and onions. Also, special thanks to all those who came two or more days to help. Great experience for the Scouts!

Yoko recommended having a Spaghetti dinner with additional leftovers from the fundraiser. Details to come.


Hawaii 2000 (8/1/00 - 8/12/00) cost updates were distributed and reviewed. A sign up sheet was circulated for family reservations. Cyrenea Mahefko volunteered to call all Scout families within the next week to get final commitments on which summer camp Scout / family will be attending. These confirmations must be made now in order to reserve spaces for camps. MANY THANKS TO THOSE WHO HAVE ALREADY SPENT MANY HOURS COORDINATING THE HAWAII TRIP! Coordinating something this big is a lot of work, and much time has already been put into the preparation!

A recommendation was made to coordinate the non-Hawaii summer camp around summer school schedules.


Silent Auction is still scheduled for Dec. 14th at Western Digital. Donation letters were handed out. These are to be used to collect donations from businesses, etc. Each family should hand out at least 10 letters. Karen Lamb and Yoko Fujita both recommended that we hand out letters in person vs. sending in mail. Response is much greater. Reminder that two donations per family are required. Donation value goal is $50 minimum per family. Any questions, contact Karen Bates.



Scout/Parent participation sheets were distributed to update each family on their hourly involvement requirements. If you did not receive yours, or if you have any changes on your report, see Pat Busch.


With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:15 p.m. Next meeting November 9th at 7pm.