Parents’ Meeting
September 14, 1999


Karen Bates Lee Estes Ken Stone
Ed Butsch Allen Price Liz Jewell
Beth Butsch Dale Lutz  Liz Tsang
Judy Brostoff Randy Morford Rohine Anand
Karen Lamb Carla Buchanan Eileen Paulin
Lynn Fremanis Allen Buchanan Eric Peters
Don Berkheimer Chang Im Mike Eberle
Scott Forrest Eileen Ramsey Pat Busch
Lynn Ognibene Tom Corbin Kim Morford
S.G for Standish 

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The minutes were approved after a question about Tom Corbin actually volunteering to be the Summer Camp liaison for next year. After discussion, he agreed that he would be the Summer Camp liaison for the Scouts that are not going to Hawaii.

A parent had a question about the money that was due to his scout when the scout moved from one patrol to another. Otter said the scoutís money transferred with him. Scott Jewell to check to make sure.

Scoutmaster Report:

Hawk said that since Mr. Joe Davis was instrumental in our keeping the Scouthouse, he would like to present him with a gift from the Troop. Hawk said he has been collecting a patch from each year of the Jamboree. He would like to make a display and present it to him. He asked to be reimbursed for the cost of the patches which was roughly $100.00. He said he would check with Pete Changala for the money. Ken Stone made a motion that if Pete did not pay, that the Troop reimburses Hawk. There was a second and was approved unanimously.

The number of Scouts in Troop is about 50. Hawk said he would like to make sure that Pack 640 and little brothers get to come in before others.

Jeff ( Grumpy) and Sean (Indy) Hendry are hard at work, making shelves/tables for each Patrol area. Still a question of where to put the legs.

The yearly Troop Planning Session was held in September with quite a few adults and Scouts meeting at Western Digital. See attached.

There was some concern that the outings werenít being reserved in time. Beth Butsch volunteered to call and make the reservations for the outings.

There was some discussion about when the two summer camps were going to be. It was decided that they will be at different times.

There was a question raised about if Patches could be found for the different areas or types of outings the Scouts would be going on. Mr. "otter" Oberlin said there was a Patch book available with all kinds of patches offered. Hawk said he would like to encourage all the Patrols to plan their own outings. They could do their own camping, they did not have to do just Troop outings. And each patrol could get their own patches regardless of whether Troop will be looking at them.

Mr. Berkheimer mentioned that he needs to have a complete roster of all the Scouts who attends an outing, otherwise the Scout might not have that outing counted as an outing when outing counting time comes. For merit badges.

Hawk said that John Boyer has all kinds of scuba equipment available.

After some discussion, it was decided to switch the outings in June and Sept.

Committee Reports:

Treasurer: No Report

Advancements: Eagle Contact is now Mark Jenkins.

John Ramseyís Eagle Court of Honor is Nov. 14th. Does not know where or what type.

Chaplain: Everything is almost done. He will let Mr. Berkheimer know who finishes.

Presentation from Eagle Candidate Jewell.

Scott told the Committee that he will be building the horse shoe pits in the Irvine Agricultural Center. He has set some dates to have car washes as fund raisers for his project. He said he would invite the Scouts and make sure the dates were on the Troop calendar. He was told that he had to have a Tour permit for the event and an permission slip from each of the Scouts.


The Time to Tell video needs to be watched. It was decided to watch it at the next Troop meeting so the Scouts wonít have chance to decline.


Yoko- there were about 60 cars washed to the tune of $669.00. It was decided that all the Scouts that could not make this carwash, would do the next one so that everyone was doing their fair share. She has a list and will let the Scouts know who need to do it.

Greenery and Popcorn are two separate fundraisers and as such, there must be a check written for each one. If you write one check, it will be returned and you will be asked to write one for greenery and one for popcorn. Whatever we donít sell, we have to buy.

Tustin Tiller- The sign up sheet is on the board and everyone will get a copy that reminds them what time they signed up for. If you cannot make your time, it is up to you to find a replacement. Since this is the major fundraiser every family is expected to help. No Scout is allowed there without a parent. No exceptions!

Silent Auction: Karen is going to make donation letter on Troop letterhead and pass copies to everyone.


Jim Clark said that Sept 14th is sign ups for mountain biking.

Publicity: No report.

New Business:

Hawaii Summer Camp:

Hawaii committee is still getting travel costs together. Deposit has been turned in.

Pat Busch is almost done with the list of how many hours each person has volunteered. Since there is a set number of hours required, he will be checking to see who has not served. They are in danger of being asked to leave the Troop.

Canyons District Scouting for Food has been moved from Nov to Feb.

It has been reported by our new District Rep that there is a scam involving people dressing up as scouts and getting people to give them things.

There is a need for a storage container on the side of the Scouthouse, especially when we lose the barn. Tabled until next month.

Yoko has decided it is time to step down from the very exciting position of Fundraiser. This fun and always interesting job is now up for grabs. Yoko has said that she will be available to help train the next candidate. Her last month will be December. Yoko truly feels that it would be selfish of her not to give someone else the chance to have a really fun job. If you would like to volunteer, please call Yoko.

All Scouts should be warned that they may not under any circumstances go near the barns. If for some reason, a need arises to go on that side of the fence ( such as retrieving a hat) then it is up to the Scout to get an adult to go over. The barns are not on solid ground and there is a very real danger being near them.

With that in mind, the meeting was adjourned at 8:50

The next meeting is October 12, 1999.