PLC Minutes for April 7, 1999

People Present: Matt Oberlin Akshay Anand – 33 min. late

Matt Langer

Trevor Freimanis

Michael Stone




Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Sandwiches, Pre-seasoned roast,
powder drink, baked patatos, slad,
chips powder drink
Vikings Eagles
C- Scorpions C- Dragons
assorted cereal Hot dogs, chips,
and milk powder drink
Sharks Scorpions
C- Vikings C- Dragons


 ** Depart at 6:00am. Be at the scout house at 5:45am on Saturday. **

Shake down will on Wed. April 14.



The Cave in the Box needs to have some attention if it is going to Scout-O-Rama.


Family Camp will be at a camp in Idelwhile.