August 17, 1999
PLC Minutes

We opened the meeting at 7:10
The baskets for the silent auction were discussed. The baskets themes and assignments are as follows
* Hygiene-Eagles
* Bike stuff-Vikings
* Music-Scorpions
* Books-Sharks
* Gift certificates-Ravens
* Desserts-Flaming Dragons

The Patrol Duties for August are as follows.
* Skill-Vikings
* Ceremony-Scorpions
* Game-Flaming Dragons
* Inside Cleanup-Eagles
* Out side cleanup-Sharks
* Monthly yard cleanup-Ravens

Andrew brought up that we needed two patrols to do the flag ceremony at the Court of Honor. They are as follows
* Opening-Flaming Dragons
* Closing-Vikings

The S.P.L. requested that all the patrol leaders call their patrol to ask them to sign up for the car wash and to bring old towels
on August 28, 1999.

Senior Patrol Leader
Scott Jewell