Troop 36
PLC Meeting
November 24, 1998

The meeting started at 7:10 p.m.

Present:, Andrew Berkheimer, Nathan Butsch, Derek Beaumont, Guntar Freimanis, Scott Jewell, Steve Morford, Matthew Oberlin, Michael Stone

Absent: Akshay Anand, Andy Bates, Matt Langer, Michael Peters, Joe Vansuch

Patrol Outings
Patrol leaders need to call Michael Stone with the attendance of their outing. They need to have four or more people go to have it count as their outing. If they donŐt call Michael the patrol will have to do the same thing as patrols who donŐt go on a outing. Which is that the patrol is not allowed to go on any of the troop outings until they go on a patrol outing.

The following patrol outings are scheduled:

Sharks - Nickel Nickel
Vikings - Overnighter at the scout house
Scorpions, Bobcats, and Hawks have not decided

April Outing
The April outing to Calico may be changed to another trip to Joshua tree. On the next trip to Joshua tree whether we have it in April or not there is a EMT scheduled to go with the troop.

January Outing is Cuyamaca

December 2nd Troop Meeting
On December 2nd the troop is going to have a clean-up patrol corners day because of the mess left in the patrol corners. All patrol corners will be cleaned and inspected. Since it is a troop clean-up day scouts will be allowed to wear their class ŇBÓ shirt.

* reminder, Patrol basket themes are:
Vikings - Health Foods
Eagles - Camping
Bobcats - Summer-O-Fun
Sharks - Candy
Scorpion - Summer Movies
Hawks - Mystery

Baskets will be auctioned on December 9th.

* Reminder * The people who did JLT. Their assignments are due on the 16th of December.

*No Meeting on December 23rd or 30th *

Christmas Party
The troop Christmas party is on December 16th. Each scout who comes is required to bring a gift under $10. The gift is to come wrapped. Each patrol is assigned a desert or drink to bring:
Vikings and Bobcats are bringing drinks
Scorpions, Eagles, and Hawks are bringing deserts.

The troop elections are coming up. The elections are on January 13th. If you are JLT trained and want to run, you need to talk to Hawk by January 6th.

Things that were done wrong on the trip to Joshua tree were that some of the troop stuff was left behind and without the patrol box, pans and stuff were left out all over the place. So if none of the quarter masters are going someone will be picked to be it for that trip in the future.

Troop box
Scott and Guntar are in charge of fixing the troop box on Dec. 2

The job rotation for this month is:
Ceremony - Bobcats
Inside Clean-up - Hawks
Outside Clean-up - Scorpions

Matt Langer really needs help on his eagle project. For those people who need service hours, talk to Matt and help him.

The meeting ended around 7:44 pm.

Michael Stone

Troop Scribe