July 6, 1999

PLC Minutes

The meeting was called to order by SPL Scott Jewel at 7:00 PM.

~ In attendance were: Scott Jewell, Adam Corbin, Richard Price, Simon McBryan, James McBryan, Rory Vaughn, and Grumpy.

The August Beach trip delayed to October because sites were not available. Ideas discussed include:

Scout House Overnight


Kennedy Meadows

Sahara Desert

Joshua Tree


Las Vegas



~ Decided upon Kennedy Meadows. Grumpy will ‘look into it’.

The Planning Meeting will be planned at the next PLC meeting. Elements to be discussed include:



Grumpy gave his Adult Word concerning Elections. It was brought to notice that some patrols had not elected a patrol leader, and other patrols’ election results were in confusion. One patrol leader noted this was his third term as patrol leader. Another scout stated he was elected patrol leader but had just been assigned another troop position at the previous troop meeting.


Simon McBrian brought to attention that his patrol, the Sharks, had done the Game the past two previous months. Source of schedule confusion caused by the indecision of the newest patrol over their name (Border Patrol – Flaming Arrows – Ravens). After much discussion, this schedule was decided:


GAME- Vikings
CEREMONY- Scorpions
O. CLEANUP- Flaming Dragons and Eagles
I. CLEANUP- Sharks and Flaming Arrows / Ravens

Minutes were repeated by Rory Vaughn, and confirmed by PLC.

The Meeting was adjourned at 7:44 by Scott Jewel.

Submitted: Rory Vaughn