March PLC meeting minutes


Meeting started at 7:02



Mike S.
Mike B.
Akshay A.
Robert I.
Matt O.
Scott J.
Steve M.
Blake B.
Matt L.
Nathan B.
James M.

Blake read last month's meeting minutes

At camporee, advisors eat with patrol:
Eagles- Grumpy
Flaming Dragons- Hawwk and Doc
Scorpions- Specs
Sharks- Mr. Clarke
Vikings- Otter

  • If your incharge on an activity, make sure you go over it at any meetings you attend.
  • Scott and his helpers will make a gateway to use at camporee before camporee.
  • In the Cave in the Box, we are putting glowsticks in 4 by 4 and carpet before holes so you won't fall.
  • Patrol cooking at camporee, patrols have to make sure patrol boxes are working.
  • April Calico outing is changed to April Pisga outing.
  • Need menu plans and duty roster for camporee be next Wed.
  • Patrols need edible yells and flags.
  • Camporee is patrol oriented-patrol members must tent with patrol members.
  • Each patrol can make their own golden spoon meals.
  • New scout weekend is on February 6, anyone can attend.
  • The Comitee bought 3 new stoves, vikings get one.
  • Troop is doing a flag retiring ceremony at camporee.
  • In May, we're not going to the Sequoias because we were unable to get reservations.
  • Suggestions for May outing:
  • Idoyild at Bear Mountain
    Colorado River

Meeting ends at 7:48