Troop 36
PLC Meeting
November 3, 1998

The meeting started at 7:03 p.m.

Present: Akshay Anand, Andy Bates, Andrew Berkheimer, Nathan Butsch, Derek Beaumont, Guntar Freimanis, Scott Jewell, Matt Langer, Steve Morford, Matthew Oberlin, Michael Peters, Michael Stone

Absent: Joe Vansuch

All the outings need to have a lot more people to attend.

Joshua tree will be a troop cooking activity. Also, the sign-ups will be extended a week.

A New Patch for Troop
Steve has created a new patch and is having some made. The way of paying for these has not been decided.

We need to modify the box because it is hot and people are falling through the holes.

Possible Solutions: Ventilation Falling
- Box fan - Glow stick near holes
- Turbine fan - Carpet before the holes
- 12 volt fans in the ceiling

Andy, Andrew, and Nathan are researching ways to move air through the box.

The JLT training is being moved to November 14 in the afternoon. Joey is the leader.

Helpers are: Matt L. and Andrew.

Silent Auction
The auction will be held on Dec. 9. at Western Digital

Patrol basket themes are:
Vikings - Health Foods
Eagles - Camping
Bobcats - Summer-O-Fun
Sharks - Candy
Scorpion - Summer Movies
Hawks - Mystery

All Patrols need to take cash home. Do not leave it in the Scout House.

Any patrol that doesn't go on a patrol outing in December cannot go on a troop outing till they go on a patrol outing. All patrols need to keep their patrol corner clean (Put chairs away, clean up messes, ect.).

The skill rotation has been mixed up and patrols need to know when they have skill. The new rotation is: Vikings - 11-11, 1-20, etc.

Sharks - 11-18, 1-27, etc.
Eagles - 12-2, 2-4, etc.
Hawks - 12-9, 2-11, etc.
Scorpions - 1-6, 2-18, etc.
Bobcats - 1-13, 2-25, etc.

All skills should be planned a week in advanced.

On the Nov. 25th, Dec. 23, or 30 there is no meeting.

The job rotation for this month is: Game - Bobcats
Ceremony - Hawks(4th and 18th) and Eagles(11th)
In-side Clean-up - Scorpions
Out-side Clean-up - Sharks

The meeting ended around 8:00 pm.

Michael Stone

Troop Scribe