PLC Meeting
March 7, 2000

The meeting was called to order at 7:02pm by SPL Joe Vansuch.

Those in attendance were Joe Vansuch (SPL), Nathan Butch (ASPL), Andrew Berkheimer (Scribe), Trevor Fremanis (Librarian), C.J. Metz (PL – Vikings), Richard Price (PL – Ravens), Eric Mathieu (PL – Eagles), Chris Ramsey (PL – Sharks), Andrew Stone (Store Quartermaster), Bryan Forest (PL – Flaming Dragons),

Adam Corbin (Bugler), Guntar Fremanis (Guide)

Joshua Tree – Joshua Tree will be March 17 – 19, 2000. We will camp about 20-30 minutes away from Joshua Tree and drive in to climb. The Scorpions have Sat. Breakfast, the Ravens have Sat. Lunch, the Vikings have Sat. Dinner, The Eagles have Sun. Breakfast, and the new scout patrol has Sun. Lunch.

Court of Honor – Court of Honor will be March 29. All patrols need to have a skit ready.

Camporee – Camporee will be April 14 – 16, 2000 at Rancho Las Flores. The Viking’s gateway design was approved (11 – 1 with Richard Price opposing). The Scorpion skit was approved. The troop is running an event and 1 representative from each patrol will be needed to set up.

Scout O Rama – Ideas were discussed and we decided to use the Cave in a Box. Richard Price was the only one who voted to waste time working on ventilation and also seconded his own motion.

Fundraising – The PLC has decided to sell Nachos at some meetings as a fundraiser. 1st date TBD.

Miscellaneous – We will have a troop overnighter April 1 – 2, 2000

Patrol Duties - The duties of each patrol at each meeting were discussed. The duties for February were decided to be…

  1. Vikings / Eagles: Skill

  2. Ghosts: Game

  3. Ravens: Ceremony

  4. Ghosts: Inside Cleanup

  5. Sharks: Outside Cleanup

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 8:35pm.

The next PLC meeting will be April 6, 2000 at 7:00 p.m.

March 17 – 19
March 29
April 1 – 2
April 14 – 16
Joshua Tree
Court of Honor
Overnighter @ Scouthouse
Scout – O – Rama