PLC Meeting
February 1, 2000

The meeting was called to order at 7:07pm by SPL Joe Vansuch.

Those in attendance were Joe Vansuch (SPL), Nathan Butch (ASPL – late), Andrew Berkheimer (Scribe), Justin Fujita (Equipment Quartermaster), Trevor Fremanis (Librarian), C.J. Metz (PL – Vikings), Richard Price (PL – Dragons), Eric Mathieu (PL – Eagles), Glenn Jewell (PL – Ravens), Chris Ramsey (PL – Sharks)


Ski Trip – The ski trip will be Feb. 26 at Bear Mountain. Signups and money are due Feb. 9, 2000.

Joshua Tree – Joshua Tree will be March 17 – 18, 2000. We will camp either in Joshua Tree or in a nearby campground and drive in to climb. Each Patrol needs to have a menu, shopping list, and list of equipment needed from the Quartermaster Store by the next PLC meeting on March 2nd or 7th. The Scorpions have Sat. Breakfast, the Ravens have Sat. Lunch, the Vikings have Sat. Dinner, The Eagles have Sun. Breakfast, and the new scout patrol has Sun. Lunch.

Camporee – Camporee will be April 14 – 16, 2000 at Rancho Las Flores. The Viking’s gateway design and the Eagles campsite plans for a rectangular, elliptical, and triangular camp are due at the next PLC meeting. So will patrol flags (design at minimum). The Scorpions will be doing skits and we will be using troop tents.

Court of Honor – The next Court of Honor will be on March 29, 2000. Each patrol needs to have an original skit ready.

Bridgings – Nathan will be coordinating the bridgings for Packs 640 & 145. The Pack 145 bridging will be on Feb. 6, 2000. The Pack 640 bridging will be on Feb. 19, 2000 from 6 – 8pm. Anyone interested needs to talk to Nathan.

Order of the Arrow – The meetings will now be held on Thursdays.

Patrol of the Month – We will be having a patrol of the month. Each patrol will begin with 100 points, points will be deducted for behavior, not wearing uniform, etc. Nathan will be keeping track of points.

Ceremony – After the flag ceremony starts, no chairs will be taken out until after announcements are over. The tables will not be put down until after announcements.

Patrol Duties - The duties of each patrol at each meeting were discussed. The duties for February were decided to be…


There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 8:05pm.

The next PLC meeting will be March 2 or 7, 2000 at 7:00 p.m.